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5g brings infinite opportunities the whole industry chain of Pacific optical fiber and cable focusing optical communication

with the continuous promotion, the industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. According to the survey, at this stage, China's overall industry has entered a stage of vigorous development, and the production and sales volume of the overall optical fiber and cable industry accounts for more than 50% of the global share

optical fiber and cable enterprises have gradually moved from behind to in front of the stage, allowing people to feel the vigorous development of this field from a close distance. Recently, the 2018 China International Information and Communication Exhibition was grandly held in the National Conference Center. As an important manufacturer in the optical fiber and cable industry, Pacific optical fiber cable also attended the meeting. During the exhibition, wangjinlong, deputy general manager of Pacific optical fiber and cable, said in an interview with c114 that 5g has opened up a new blue ocean for optical fiber and cable, and Pacific optical fiber and cable will continue to focus on the field and open up the whole industry chain

5g meets the scale construction cycle to promote the development of optical communication industry

with the pace of 5g getting closer, operators, equipment manufacturers and terminal manufacturers have made corresponding planning and deployment. At the same time, the promotion of 5g construction has brought benefits to the development of the entire industry, such as optical fiber, optical network system, etc

according to the calculation of the fiber broadband Association, the consumption of 5g optical fiber will be 16 times more than that of 4G. Specifically, in China, it is estimated that the consumption of 5g optical fiber will be 2-3 times that of 4G; In terms of optical modules, 5g construction is expected to bring tens of millions of 25/50GHz high-speed modules; Since the 5g architecture expands the capacity of the retransmission/intermediate transmission/forward transmission by tens of times to hundreds of Gbps, it will bring high-speed optical access and increase the demand

in this regard, wangjinlong said that 5g business is imminent, and all wireless are matched with wired. He predicted. In the 5g era, the demand for optical fiber and cable will double

most of the demands in the optical fiber and cable field come from the three major telecom operators "The EU's regulations on this aspect are 28 suppliers. Operators have formulated a standardized 2. Centralized procurement bidding system for the functional characteristics of anchorage fatigue testing machine, so only enterprises with large scale and good technology have the advantage of winning the bid.

in recent years, Pacific optical fiber and cable has won the operator's centralized procurement order for many times. At the beginning of this year, Pacific optical fiber and cable won the bid for China Mobile's 2018 centralized procurement project of common optical cable products (the first batch) 。 Subsequently, Chinatelecom announced that it won the bid again in the centralized procurement project of introducing optical cables and outdoor optical cables in 2018. In these two centralized procurement projects, a total of 31 enterprises won the bid, including the Pacific optical fiber and cable

wangjinlong told c114 that the reason why Pacific optical fiber and cable can achieve such excellent results is that it has the following three advantages. First, control the quality. "Quality TECHNYL reg; redx can be processed at an energy-saving mold temperature within 100 ° C. forming quantity and integrity are the lifeline of optical and cable enterprises". For the optical fiber and cable industry, quality is always the first, which is also the most attractive factor for operators' centralized procurement. In this regard, the Pacific optical fiber and cable has a strict quality control system to achieve the best product quality. Second, reduce the cost. While controlling the quality, the Pacific optical fiber cable also controls the cost within a reasonable range. The third and most important factor is to do a good job in the service system. For example, Pacific optical fiber and cable have a good grasp of the timeliness of project delivery, and the customers are also quite satisfied

he frankly said that at present, the homogeneity of the optical fiber and cable industry is quite serious. Therefore, if you want to be outstanding, you should focus on service under the premise of products. Operators have their own comprehensive scoring mechanism, so optical fiber and cable enterprises should be good enough at all levels to get ideal scores in the bidding. The Pacific optical fiber and cable has done relatively well in this field and is always customer-oriented

focus and pool forces to open up the whole industrial chain mode of optical communication

thanks to the "broadband China" strategy, the "Internet +" action plan, the the Belt and Road initiative, China's research on the control methods for the structure and physicochemical properties of carbon dioxide based plastics, manufacturing 2025 and other national policies, China has promoted the vigorous development of China's optical fiber and cable industry. At this stage, China's optical communication industry is booming. At the same time, optical fiber and cable industry is an important basic strategic industry of China's national economy and information construction. Therefore, many optical fiber and cable enterprises in China have also achieved remarkable development, forming a manufacturing system with a complete range of optical fiber and cable products and a complete industrial chain of rod, fiber and cable production

according to the data, there are more than 150 optical fiber and optical cable enterprises in China, including about 40 large-scale optical cable enterprises, and about 10 enterprises that have realized the integration of optical fiber preform, optical fiber and optical cable. At the same time, some leading enterprises have entered the international leading ranks, such as Pacific optical fiber and optical cable Co., Ltd., which is the R & D of light rod, optical fiber, optical cable, optical cable, active light, optical module, server, connector and supporting equipment A national high-tech enterprise integrating production, sales and service

wangjinlong said that at present, Pacific optical fiber and cable are integrating resources in the field of optical communication and opening up upstream and downstream industrial chains. Pacific optical fiber and cable has been upgraded from simple cable manufacturing to a main industrial chain mainly composed of optical rod manufacturing, optical fiber drawing, optical cable manufacturing and global sales network. And various sub industrial chains such as optical fiber and cable materials formed by extension

it is reported that in 2016, the Pacific optical fiber and cable invested 133million yuan to set up the Pacific Liaocheng optoelectronics, positioning the development of cash optical communication module products, which can provide users with advanced optical fiber communication products and optical/electrical module solutions for data networks, including 10g, and optical modules. At the same time, it has also developed PLCC, POB and other military grade optical modules with independent intellectual property rights, which are widely used in aerospace, smart cities Rail transit, smart energy, transmission network, etc. At the same time, a R & D center has been set up in Chengdu to hire senior teams and experts in the industry to carry out product R & D and testing, so as to open up the industrial chain

in addition, since the proposal of the "the Belt and Road", China's communication industry has actively participated in the infrastructure construction of countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road". As the backbone of the communication industry, the optical communication field has taken the lead in the construction along the "the Belt and Road"

it is reported that up to now, well-known domestic optical communication enterprises have sold their products to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, of which more than half of the overseas markets are distributed in countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road". Among them, there is the Pacific optical fiber cable

wangjinlong said that compared with other optical fiber and cable enterprises, Pacific optical fiber and cable started relatively late and began to carry out international business layout around 2012, but it has made rapid progress. Driven by the the Belt and Road, the export volume can double every year, reaching a new high every year

facing the future, wangjinlong believes that with the benefits of national policies and 5g, the optical communication industry will maintain a high prosperity development trend. Pacific optical fiber and cable will seize this round of high prosperity development trend, continue to focus on the optical communication industry and open up the whole industrial chain

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