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"5g" is an innovation driven strategy to accelerate Datang Telecom's participation in the 2016 world telecommunication day conference. The 2016 world telecommunication and information society day conference was held in Beijing on May 17. The theme of this conference is to promote ICT entrepreneurship and expand social impact. It aims to call on all parties to pay attention to the far-reaching impact of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) in promoting innovation of practical technological achievements, expanding employment and sustainable social development

Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Han Xia, director of the information and communication administration, Cheng Jianjun, deputy director of the international cooperation department and other leaders, as well as senior leaders of the three major domestic operators and well-known ICT enterprises at home and abroad attended the conference. Datang Telecom Group presented its achievements at the conference. Chenshanzhi, vice president of Datang Telecom Group, delivered a written speech entitled "5g accelerates innovation driven strategy" at the conference. He shared five strong dissatisfaction with the tariff measures of the trump government, the important role played by G in promoting innovation driven development strategy, and introduced Datang Telecom Group's successful experience in innovation and entrepreneurship

as the initiator of 3G TD-SCDMA international standard and the core patent owner of 4G TD-LTE international standard, Datang Telecom Group has profound accumulation in mobile communication standard research and technology development, and has taken the lead in 5g R & D and layout. Driven by the application of mobile Internet and IOT, 5g standard competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the technical route converges rapidly. On april25,2016, Datang Telecom Group released a unified 5g comprehensive verification platform. The platform has full flexibility and processing power under the same vacuum. It can support the multi technology combination verification of various typical 5g scenarios through flexible configuration, and support the standardization and industrialization of 5g. On this platform, Datang showed the world's leading massive MIMO technology, non orthogonal multiple access (PDMA) technology and car service technology to the public for the first time. In particular, Datang released the industry's largest 256 antenna array, which is the first in the industry. This is another grand appearance in the 5g featured technology field after Datang released the 5g white paper in 2013 and the 5g network security white paper (building a safe and reliable network space) in 2015, reflecting Datang's strong technical strength

at the same time, in this era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Datang Telecom Group, relying on the advantages of mobile communication and integrated circuit industry layout and resource integration of central enterprises, actively explores various model innovations such as technological innovation and mechanism innovation, gives full play to the leading role and main force of central enterprises in innovation and entrepreneurship activities, and focuses on basic information services for people's livelihood improvement and industry upgrading, Highlight the soft power of technological innovation incubation and mechanism innovation, explore and form a two wing resource-based mobile Internet development model with 369 cloud platform technology incubation as the core and investment and financing services and entity incubator services as supporting services. At present, certain achievements have been made in economic and social benefits

5g is the key enabling technology in the new economic era, accelerating innovation in the new economic era. At present, with the historical convergence of the new generation of communication technology, the new generation of information technology and the new generation of industrial revolution, the world economy is moving towards a new economic era. 5g is a key supporting technology for the development of Internet + and industry 4.0 in the new economic era. 5g has good support for big data, multiple connections and multiple scenarios. It is a key enabling technology for the development of new technologies, industries and formats

5g technology accelerates innovation I: 5g large-scale antenna and non orthogonal multiple access technology support data speed and cost reduction. High speed, large capacity and low cost data transmission are the basic requirements and pain points of various innovations today. 5g large-scale antenna technology and non orthogonal multiple access technology are powerful tools to solve this problem. China's first centralized 256 unit large-scale antenna in the industry, through which the antenna gain and spatial resolution can be greatly improved, the parallel transmission of more than 32 streams can be realized, the peak rate of more than 5Gbps of 100MHz bandwidth transmission can be realized, and the pain point of insufficient transmission speed can be solved. The independently innovated PDMA non orthogonal multiple access technology adopts multi-dimensional joint coding and sparse coding in time domain, frequency domain, spatial domain and power domain to simplify the complexity of the receiver, improve the multi-user access capability by more than 3 times, increase the uplink spectral efficiency by more than 100% and the downlink spectral efficiency by more than 50%, which can improve the overall system capacity and improve the pain point of high data transmission cost

5g technology accelerates innovation II: 5g ultra dense group solves the problems of indoor signal quality and connection speed. In order to solve the problem of signal quality and connection speed in densely populated residential areas, office areas, large stadiums and large open-air gatherings, 5g ultra dense group technology came into being. China has built the industry's advanced hotspot and indoor ultra dense group technology, introduced ultra large-scale low-power nodes in heterogeneous networks to enhance hotspots, eliminate blind spots, improve network coverage and improve system capacity. It has supported 10Gbps transmission rate in a dense group environment composed of more than 10 small stations

5g technology accelerates innovation III: 5g provides a safe and reliable network space. In order to alleviate the problem of network space security, the three element scheme of network security is proposed. From the perspective of network space, the network security is improved by combining 5g Technology: trusted identity: accurately identifying the subject of network behavior is the basis for maintaining network space security; Entity trust: the entity has built-in trusted immune mechanism to actively ensure the normal operation of networks and services; Network trustworthiness: meet the needs of diverse application scenarios and provide network services with different security assurance levels

5g technology accelerates innovation IV: low delay and high reliable car service innovation. 5g new technology will trigger a large number of new business innovations such as car service. The industry was the first to put forward the concept and technical scheme of lte-v, developed a complete test system, including on-board unit, road test unit, a variety of alarm information, and completed the actual road test based on lte-v test prototype. CCSA and 3GPP led the research on the standardization of car coupling based on LTE, and imt-2020pt led the research on 5g low delay and high reliability technology. The smartedge intelligent core and business platform has rich network functions, such as edge computing, separation of control and forwarding, new connection management, new mobility management, etc., to facilitate the exploration of a variety of new business models, such as audio and video communication and content services for enterprises and communities, business push for business centers, etc

5g will support the in-depth integrated development of China's new generation information technology and industrialization, promote networking, intelligence, service, security and controllability, and comprehensively support the implementation of national strategies such as made in China 2025, Internet + and innovation driven. At the same time, Datang Telecom Group relies on its own industrial foundation to jointly promote the arrival of the mobile Internet era through collaborative innovation with partners

low probability of success and information security are the core pain points of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the statistics of China Internet Industry Association, at present, there are 328 Internet enterprises listed in the world, with a market value of 7.85 trillion yuan. However, their success is based on the interconnection of nearly 10 million homes across the country, and the probability of success is nearly one in 40000. At the same time, public service institutions and enterprises in the field of livelihood services face data security threats in their innovation business transformation. Large platform enterprises with information security solutions and market mechanisms are required to provide support for mass entrepreneurship and innovation

give full play to its advantages in the layout of information and communication industry and build a bridge for information cooperation. Through a win-win cooperation model, Datang Telecom Group focuses on improving people's livelihood and upgrading the industry, provides information and communication industry chain services, cloud computing and big data services for the government and public service resources, traditional enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises, strives to become an integrator of marketization and informatization of government and public service resources, and promotes the implementation of mass entrepreneurship and innovation

initial results have been achieved in building an Innovation Incubation Platform and a capital investment and control platform. Datang Telecom Group adheres to the concept of value investment, focuses on intelligent industry and intelligent life, and creates two platforms for innovation incubation and capital investment control. Most of them are invested in intangible assets, and the actual capital and resource investment is only 100million yuan. More than 60 Internet + projects have been successfully incubated in education, health, sports and other fields, leveraging social capital to invest more than 1billion yuan. The valuation of all projects is close to 10 billion yuan, and the equity appreciation is more than 12 times. At the same time, six business incubation bases have been established in Beijing, Xi'an, Dalian and Shenzhen, solving the employment of more than 2000 people

the one body and two wings incubation mode with 369 cloud platform as the core promotes the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship. 369cloud cloud platform mainly provides technology incubation services, and 369 cloud fund and 369 cloud factory mainly provide investment and financing services and entity incubator services for incubation projects. On this basis, Datang Telecom Group strives to build a mass investment ecosystem of mobile Internet cloud services and build a resource-based mobile Internet industry cluster

369 cloud platform provides information-based development tools for innovation and entrepreneurship. As an integrated core, 369 cloud platform can provide entrepreneurs with an integrated development process. Its building block customization ability and R & D crowdsourcing mode can reduce more than 30% of R & D investment and 2/3 of product development time. At the same time, it provides a low-cost project trial and error environment to help entrepreneurs quickly realize their products and enter the market promotion stage, which greatly reduces the trial and error cost at the initial stage of entrepreneurship

cloud fund and cloud factory, as two wings, provide one-stop services for the whole process of innovation and entrepreneurship. On the one hand, 369 cloud Fund (capital venture capital), one of the two wings, provides full life-cycle financing services and investment acceleration services. The company still shows the development trend of a high-tech enterprise taking off against the market. On the other hand, it also actively provides docking services with other investment institutions for entrepreneurs. The 369 cloud factory (Park supporting) service, the second of the two wings, can provide the whole process of innovation and entrepreneurship supporting industrialized integrated services, so that entrepreneurs can start their businesses and succeed only by directly entering the park with their creativity

369 cloud platform project incubation process (3, 6, 9). Datang Telecom Group has built a standardized, procedural and visual 369 cloud technology R & D platform that can withstand the explosion of TV fluorescent screen. Through the whole process management and services such as project collection, review, incubation, graduation and post investment management, it has finally realized an efficient project incubation mode of product development in 3 months, pilot operation in 6 months and financing in 9 months

369 cloud platform layout and social benefits. Relying on the 369 cloud platform, 7 entrepreneurship incubation bases have been established in Beijing, Xi'an, Dalian and other places. It is planned that this year, there will be more than 10 domestic incubation bases and realize international layout. Within three years, overseas cloud platforms will be established and profitable in the core areas of the world's Internet development. At the same time, Datang Telecom Group, as a central enterprise, actively undertakes social responsibilities. While providing basic tools for start-ups and teams, Datang Telecom Group will train more than 100000 development engineers in the next three years to support the creation of new jobs

introduction to main incubation projects. Datang Telecom Group has incubated more than 60 Internet + products and projects such as Tiantian Amy and Tiantian athletics, covering education, medical treatment, sports, games, insurance and other industries, of which 13 projects have obtained round a financing, 2 have obtained round B financing, and 1 has obtained round C financing

open and cooperate to create a new ecology of 5g industry. Facing the future, Datang Telecom Group adheres to the concept of openness and coordination

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