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5g intelligent manufacturing Summit: plan to light up 1000 5g smart factories

in order to deeply discuss the landing application of 5g in various vertical manufacturing fields, and exchange experience and results of digital transformation, 5g intelligent manufacturing summit was held in Shenzhen on May 8, 2021. All parties in the industry jointly discussed and shared many achievements of 5gtob in the manufacturing industry from multiple angles, levels and fields

at the meeting, Ding Yun, managing director of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and President of BG, an operator, delivered a keynote speech entitled "5gtob accelerates the digital intelligence transformation of the manufacturing industry", reviewing the journey of 5g to promote the digital intelligence transformation of the manufacturing industry: with a rich number of projects and diversified industry experience, it has blossomed in all fields and lit up multiple industry benchmarks; Integrate the continuous practice into the production process and practically solve the industrial problems; Enable 5gtob business cycle with an industry-oriented one-stop platform solution; With the broad layout of the whole year in 2021, it will form the first year of 5gtob scale business, light up 1000 factories, promote the ability upgrading of Standards Associations, ecological partners, operators and industry customers, continue to explore 5g innovation and create more value

Ding Yun, executive director of Huawei and President of BG, the operator, delivered a keynote speech

academician Zhouji of the Chinese Academy of engineering, in his keynote speech entitled "5g+ industrial interconnection opens up the road to a powerful manufacturing country", emphasized that 5g+ industrial interconnection enables intelligent upgrading and innovative development of manufacturing industry, which is the key support for building a strong manufacturing country. All parties should seize the opportunity, work hard, and deepen the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry

nowadays, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform in the world are advancing, and information technology is changing with each passing day. The integration of 5g and industrial interconnection will accelerate the construction of Digital China and smart society, accelerate the process of China's new industrialization, and inject new momentum into China's economic development

based on this industrial perspective, shiyoukang of China Academy of information and communication pointed out a series of policy promotion, enterprise practice and application scenarios in the process of 5g accelerating the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and further deepened the development of 5g intelligent manufacturing in the next stage, refining the common network needs and integrated development path of the industry. Now, with the gradual clarity of 5g+ industrial interconnection construction mode, the gradual emergence of terminal products, and the steady progress of integrating the standard system, the broad start of 5g intelligent manufacturing has been opened. There is still a long way to go in the future, and it still needs to be promoted by various parties

at the summit, operators' representatives actively offered suggestions and made in-depth discussions with all parties in the manufacturing industry on how 5g+ industrial interconnection can continue to promote the digital transformation of enterprises

Xuejiping of China Unicom Group delivered the keynote speech "5g+ industrial interconnection promotes enterprise digital transformation", which sometimes adopts non-ferrous metals and special metals such as aluminum alloy to reduce weight. He said that China Unicom shoulders the new mission of a new generation of information infrastructure builders, vertical industry enablers, business model explorers and ecological construction drivers, and builds a 6+n+1 capacity layout in the field of innovation and development, Form an industrial manufacturing product system with self-development capability and open application ecology, and pave a digital road for industrial manufacturing customers through 5g network. By providing one-stop MEC management and integrated special operation tools, supporting the whole process of network planning, construction and maintenance, as well as the implementation practice and application innovation of industrial interconnection scenarios, we will work together with industrial ecology to promote digital transformation and win-win 5g intelligent manufacturing in a new era

China Mobile Group chenyurong delivered a keynote speech on 5g promoting industrial digital transformation. She said that China has started to build the world's largest 5g network, and the scale of 5g customers is increasing. 5g is not only the 5g of operators, but also the 5g of thousands of industries. China Mobile has thoroughly implemented the requirements of the 512 project, comprehensively built the industry's digital service capability, accelerated the integration of 5g into thousands of industries, implemented four deepening development strategies, promoted the further integration and development of 5g+ industrial interconnection, and initially established an industry-leading image. China Mobile has joined hands with industry leaders to promote the construction of 5g digital factory, leading the industry standard, providing customized networks and services, landing 5g typical application scenarios, and comprehensively promoting the construction of 5g digital factory

Sun Jian of Chinatelecom group delivered the keynote speech of 5g cloud enabled industrial enterprise digital transformation. He said that by providing a safe and reliable industrial cloud fusion base, Chinatelecom has enabled enterprises to make digital transformation, and can provide appropriate industrial 5g network solutions according to customer needs and different application scenarios, so as to build a set of new cloud infrastructure services with Chinatelecom business characteristics, such as customization, edge intelligence, cloud collaboration, application on demand and security assurance. China Telecom advocates taking cloud convergence as the base, serving customers and partners, promoting cross platform cooperation, building an open ecosystem, embracing change through innovation and jointly winning the 5g industry era

at the summit, representatives from the manufacturing industry were also invited to the stage in turn to share their practical experience in digital transformation in their field

Midea Group zhouxiaoling brought the theme sharing titled "digital intelligence drives 5g intelligent manufacturing". From 5g application point, to 5g application line, and then to 5g application, Midea Group built an industrial interconnection solution based on 5g+ai+ cloud in stages, improved the digital intelligence capability of the whole value chain, and faced and resolved the uncertainty of the future. Accelerate industrial upgrading and transformation, and optimize the efficiency of resource allocation

Midea promotes a high degree of IOT through 5g specialty and AI industrial brain, realizes the extraction of business data, analyzes, controls and predicts the characteristics and normal protection of intelligent fractional display electronic tensile testing machine, and carries out closed-loop improvement and optimal control for abnormalities in the whole manufacturing process; Based on 5g network, realize all-round and digital intelligent control, and realize transparent and rigid quality through intelligent inspection; Based on the powerful wide area connection capability of 5g, realize the cloud collaboration of the supply chain, and pull through the whole process of the supply chain; Build an intelligent logistics platform based on 5g network, pull through the logistics time, and carry out all-round digital intelligence for pre production, mid production and post production logistics. 2. The system has reliable operational performance optimization; Develop intelligent manufacturing and digital intelligent production based on 5g network, build intelligent manufacturing benchmark, and realize the interconnection of people, equipment, materials, machines and products

tianyisheng, general manager of Fangchenggang base of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group, focused on 5g intelligent manufacturing exploration, and gave Liuzhou Iron and Steel's experience sharing on 5g intelligent manufacturing practice. Among them, Liugang has carried out 5g digital transformation on the two dimensions of smart production and smart Park: in terms of smart production, 5g has solved the three problems faced by traditional steel enterprises, such as "two highs", "occupational health" and "isolated islands". Through the use of 5g, it has transformed a series of production links, such as remote control crown block and mainframe, automatic inspection of AI weld surface, intelligent coal blending, 5g predictive maintenance, to achieve a significant increase in production efficiency; In addition, the 5g park is equipped with advanced systems such as AI security monitoring, intelligent access control, intelligent fire control and environmental monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicles, and traffic checkpoints, so as to realize the digitalization of all elements, processes, and scenes, master the overall operation of the park from a global perspective, realize linkage command, and greatly improve the production efficiency and safety of the factory

Weng Yan of Sany Heavy Industry Group shared the group's 5g digital transformation planning and practice. 5g well meets the needs of Sany industrial manufacturing for cutting braids (off-line), de computerization (computing power on the cloud), less people (generation intelligence), and data-driven intelligent applications. Based on this, Sany has built a 5g+ industrial Internet cloud application architecture that is coordinated by end, management, edge, and cloud, and runs through the whole business process, from production manufacturing, visual management There are more than 30 sub scenarios in 8 categories, including smart logistics, smart Park, smart R & D, smart marketing and services, to build a 5g fully connected lighthouse factory; In the lighthouse factory, 5g machine vision has realized many innovative applications for the first time in the industry, such as intelligent blanking, intelligent beveling, robot multi-layer and multi-channel continuous welding, dual machine collaborative welding, large pipe diameter laser cutting, robot nozzle, visual automatic assembly, adaptive automatic spraying, large workpiece automatic assembly, etc; 5g video monitoring can automatically identify the workers, machines, materials, methods and environment of the factory, so as to improve the management efficiency and production efficiency; 5g data acquisition real-time monitors the equipment startup rate and operation rate, finds manufacturing black holes, eliminates redundant waste, reduces equipment waiting waste, optimizes equipment process parameters and process paths, and realizes the doubling of production capacity. This year, with the promotion and construction of Lighthouse factory, 5g Intelligent Cloud application will be promoted and copied within Sany group. Moreover, large stretching space is also an advantage of horizontal tensile testing machine for detecting anchor chain. Through 5g Intelligent Cloud application, Sany group's intelligent manufacturing capacity will be overflowed, enabling outsourcing manufacturers of the industrial chain to grow together

wangchanggang of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone shared the relevant experience of Dongying Port in building 5g+ smart chemical park around the practice of digital transformation in the field of port park. Dongying Port smart Park project is divided into three phases. Phase I project has been completed and put into operation. It mainly builds the park data center, emergency command center, three basic networks, introduces 5g, artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology in the whole scene, and builds an integrated platform for safety and environmental protection, fire emergency, transportation and logistics, and comprehensive services. Through the layout of 5g network construction, the park realizes the comprehensive coverage, real-time monitoring and effective control of chemical enterprises, important chemical devices and dangerous chemical transport vehicles; Establish pollutant map, use 5g+ IOT technology to carry out odor traceability analysis, automatically generate pollution control scheme, and realize the whole process supervision of intelligent environmental protection; With the command center of the smart Park as the brain, a regional governance operation management center will be established to realize joint prevention and treatment of multiple departments such as safety, environmental protection and transportation, and the sharing and linkage of emergency resources such as teams, materials and experts

Huawei sunzhentao also shared a complete set of Huawei solutions in the 5gtob intelligent manufacturing field, injecting 5g new momentum into the manufacturing industry and creating a new future of intelligent manufacturing. At the basic network level, Huawei builds 5g 1+n differentiation capability, supports tob on-demand deployment, and meets the SLA requirements of thousands of banks and industries, including the continuous evolution of uplink enhancement solutions. The above-mentioned banks meet the industry's rigid needs in Gigabit, and enable remote control services through the E2E low delay scheme; Build an end-to-end link backup design to improve network availability and high reliability; Build the end-to-end 5gtob security capability of the end-to-end tube side cloud to enable 5g for enterprise security. The capacity scale of operators can be realized through the whole process of capacity opening; Build cloud edge synergy to help the manufacturing industry improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency; Cooperate with industrial partners to build ecology and standards, and accelerate the digital upgrading of the manufacturing industry

with the implementation of 5g, the digital transformation of all walks of life is constantly driven. Made in China is rapidly transforming into intelligent manufacturing in China. 5g, cloud, AI and industrial interconnection are becoming catalysts for the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, and promoting enterprises to move towards a new era of Intelligent Manufacturing in which everything is interconnected, everything is connected and everything is controlled intelligently

launching ceremony of the action plan to light up 1000 5g smart factories

at the end of the forum, industry partners, operators' representatives and industry chain representatives joined hands to launch the action plan to light up 1000 5g smart factories, so that 5g smart manufacturing can accelerate

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