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5g and AI technologies support the smart car sector to drive into the fast lane

smart cars based on 5g and artificial intelligence technology (AI) have become the biggest attraction of this year's exhibition. CES Asia 2019 is currently being held in Shanghai. Intelligent vehicles based on 5g and artificial intelligence technology (AI) have become the biggest attraction of this year's exhibition

recently, the layout and development planning of intelligent automobile industry have been accelerated. Some institutions believe that the probability of 2019 will become a turning point for the demand of the intelligent automobile industry to rise significantly. With the boost of the air outlet, relevant sectors will gradually drive into the fast lane. As of June 12, the smart car index rose 12.22% this year. Since this month, Tianze information, Luchang technology, NavInfo and other stocks have significantly strengthened

automobile will become an intelligent carrier

at the CES exhibition, many people in the industry asserted that the superposition of 5g and artificial intelligence, the two core technologies, can bring a complete revolution to the automotive field, and the automobile will eventually become an intelligent carrier

vehicle giant enterprises have launched on-board intelligent internet systems, and black technologies are emerging in an endless stream. Among them, Honda demonstrated the second generation Honda connect system, which introduced intelligent speech recognition, payment and other upgrade functions; Kia's emotion adaptive driving system, r.e.a.d, allows the car to recognize the driver's emotion without speaking, and thus change the atmosphere in the car; Nissan made its debut with the brain controlled vehicle technology to interpret brain signals. The future vehicles are expected to have the ability to interpret the signals sent by the driver's brain; Great Wall Motors' Haval vision2025 concept car is also equipped with multi-dimensional intelligent network scene application technology and integrates face recognition technology

at the opening of CES exhibition, the draft for comments on the technical specification for information security evaluation and testing of smart cars, which was developed by many domestic authoritative organizations and enterprises with the participation of China Association of automobile industry and due to differences in the range and stability of plastic shrinkage, was also officially released. The launch of this technical specification is expected to become a complete automobile information security evaluation guide for relevant enterprises

according to the intelligent vehicle innovation and development strategy previously released by the national development and Reform Commission, the proportion of new intelligent vehicles should reach 50% in 2020, and the coverage of vehicle wireless communication network on expressways should reach 90%. Industry insiders believe that clear policy guidance and industrial support will ensure the explosive development of the intelligent automobile industry

focus on the subject of automatic driving

according to the statistics of gaish Automotive Research Institute, the market size of China car service was about 7.7 billion US dollars in 2016, and it is expected to grow to about 33.8 billion US dollars by 2020. We are well aware that the children's thirst for knowledge there has an annualized compound growth rate of 63.7% and is expected to further grow to 212.6 billion US dollars by 2025. The price of high configuration will certainly be higher than that of low configuration.

Zhongtai securities predicts that in the intelligent automobile industry, we can focus on automatic driving first. Adas is the foundation of automatic driving and is currently in the stage of rapid popularization. In terms of sensing layer, domestic millimeter wave radar has achieved mass production. In terms of the executive layer, IBS, its brake actuator, will benefit from the rapid increase in the popularity of AEB; In addition, at present, the development from automatic driving assistance to highly automatic driving has entered the stage of sensor fusion and information fusion. Processing platform, lidar and mapping are the core of technological innovation, and thematic investment opportunities can be paid attention to

lishaojun, an analyst at Guotai Junan Securities, pointed out that from the driverless planning of mainstream automobile manufacturers, the next three years will be an important opportunity for the development of the United Auto industry. In the 5g era, car couplets are of great significance to promote driverless driving. In addition to the intelligence of the vehicle itself, the realization of driverless driving must be interconnected with other subjects through v2x. At present, the development direction of v2x mainly evolves from lte-v to 5g. In addition, the car service industry chain involves vehicle end, network end and service end at the same time, covering many fields such as auto parts manufacturers, chip manufacturers, software providers, solution providers and network suppliers. The main investment layout direction can focus on vehicle road coordination, high-precision map and automotive electronics

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