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On July 31, fortune China released the list of China's top 500 enterprises in 2017. The list covers all Chinese companies listed in China and abroad, and takes into account the performance and achievements of the largest Chinese Listed enterprise in the world that makes materials resistant to higher temperatures in the past year

in the list of China's top 500 enterprises in 2017, 56 mining enterprises were listed, including 21 non-ferrous enterprises, 20 iron and steel enterprises and 15 coal enterprises. Compared with the total profits of the listed mining enterprises, the profits of 15 coal enterprises reached 35.103 billion yuan, far higher than those of steel enterprises and non-ferrous enterprises

among China's top 100 enterprises in 2017, 8 mining enterprises were listed on the list, of which China Metallurgical Technology and industry ranked 28th with an operating income of 219.558 billion yuan, leading the mining list, followed by Jiangxi copper and Baosteel

although the revenue of China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. is lower than the top three, its profit is as high as 22.712 billion yuan, which is superior to other mining enterprises. In terms of ranking, Yancheng coal rose 18 places, becoming the fastest rising mining enterprise, Chinalco rose 2 places, and the overall ranking of other mining enterprises declined

14 profitable coal enterprises, the highest profit is China Shenhua, with a profit of 22.712 billion yuan; One loss making listed coal enterprise is Yangmei chemical, which lost 908million yuan in 2016. The overall ranking of 15 listed mining enterprises decreased compared with last year

there are 20 in total this year 3 The transmitter wiring was incorrect, and the steel enterprises were selected, which reduced the number of high-precision tests by 1 (Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was integrated into Baosteel Co., Ltd.) compared with last year. Among them, Baosteel Co., Ltd. and Hegang Co., Ltd. are among the top 100 steel enterprises. Shougang Co., Ltd. performed very well, rising 139 places to 156

among the 20 listed steel enterprises, 18 achieved profits, accounting for 90%, a significant increase from 28.6% last year. Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is the most profitable steel enterprise, with a profit of 8.965 billion yuan; The enterprise with the highest profit margin is Fujian Sangang Minguang Co., Ltd., whose profit margin (6) the viscosity of oil for metal impact testing machine is too low, reaching 6.56%

China Metallurgical Science and Engineering Co., Ltd. ranks the highest, with an operating revenue of 219.558 billion yuan and a profit of 5.376 billion yuan. Among the 21 non-ferrous mining enterprises on the list, there are 3 loss making enterprises, namely China Daye non ferrous metals, Minmetals resources and Yunnan Chihong Zinc Germanium Co., Ltd

five listed companies subordinate to Minmetals Group, namely, China Metallurgical Technology and industry (2), Minmetals development (161), Minmetals resources (362), Zhuzhou Metallurgical Group (462) and Minmetals capital (491), were listed on the list

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