The hottest 5g Internet connected UAV was released

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5g UAV launched in Chengdu people's Chengdu, April 24 (Wang Bo) today, Chengdu Zongheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute jointly held the "5g UAV" industry summit and results conference in Chengdu

the conference released the first end-to-end systematic solutions for cloud, end, security and applications of unmanned machines with 5g network as the core. The plan covers emergency communication, fire protection, surveying and mapping and other fields, and realizes the 5g joint UAV application field. China's plastic machinery enterprise market will be more open-up and substantial innovation

it is understood that the UAV system is divided into five subsystems: UAV platform, self modified electromechanical rotating speed pilot, data link, mission load and ground command and control

the data link system is the link between the UAV platform system and the ground command and control system. It carries out two-way communication between the UAV mission planning information, remote control and telemetry information and the data information and command and control information of the mission load to complete the human-computer interaction of the UAV system

most of the existing UAV data links are radio, with many radio frequency band controls, and the communication distance is easily affected by the geographical environment and radio noise. 5g cellular mobile data link provides a network with high reliability, low delay and large bandwidth, which can replace the data link system in UAV

in March, 2019, Chengdu Research Institute launched the Chengdu Zongheng cw-100d Dapeng UAV monitoring system with 5g CPE weighing more than 10 kg under the condition of realizing scale, multi site and continuous 5g network coverage for the first time in the world. In the air, cw-100d Dapeng's airborne pod mission system pushes the collected video data to the designated service server through 5g cellular network. Then, the ground control terminal and the remote end pull streams to the video server to obtain the real-time video data collected by the current airborne pod mission system

the flight control signal of Dapeng UAV is transmitted and controlled by 5g in real time, and the high-definition data and images are transmitted synchronously in real time. According to the data displayed at the press conference, the signal quality is good within the range of 1500 meters in level and 300 meters in height, which fully meets the 4K video and flight control data transmission

"5g United UAV" fully integrates the technologies such as 3D MIMO and network slicing in close cooperation with the national composite center of the United Kingdom. Under the condition of large-scale, multi site and continuous 5g network coverage in the world, the 5g network can transmit high-definition data images and UAV flight control signals in real time, realizing the integration of data transmission and image transmission; There is no way to limit output like coal

based on this achievement, the monitoring and management of 5g UAV equipment and the standardization of air routes will become a reality, which can effectively promote the rational use of airspace, extend the application field of UAV, and have important practical significance for further exploration and application value in the future. (editor in charge: zhanghuawei, gaohongxia)

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