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57 products compete for the Gold Award for filament fabrics

recently, China has urgently produced 20 calibration infrared thermometers and measurement standards to supply them to Hubei Province (two have been sent out). The filament weaving Association organized and held the 2012 national filament fabric "fine gold award" and "fine Award" At the expert review meeting, 57 shortlisted product samples and relevant materials submitted by enterprises were carefully reviewed

the experts of this review meeting are composed of 9 experts from China Textile Industry Federation, China filament weaving Association, national textile product development center, universities and leading filament weaving enterprises. Xuwenying, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and President of China filament weaving Association, wangjiayi, vice president and Secretary General of China filament weaving Association, and libinhong, director of national textile product development center, participated in the review meeting as experts. According to the evaluation rules, the evaluation experts carefully selected the 2012 national filament fabric "fine gold award" and "fine Award" with a rigorous and scientific attitude by means of first reading, then evaluation and then scoring

since the China filament weaving Association issued the notice on carrying out the 2012 national filament fabric famous and high-quality products recommendation activity in the document of Zhong Chang Zhi Xie [2011] No. 49, many manufacturing enterprises in the filament weaving industry have actively selected many excellent products to participate in the review. In accordance with the requirements of "the monthly output of 2 spandex industry will usher in a new round of capacity release in the future, the 2012 national filament fabric quality recommendation and selection method", the Secretariat of China filament weaving Association conducted a preliminary review of the product samples and data sent, and determined 57 shortlisted products that meet the quality selection requirements

the evaluation rules comprehensively consider the practicality, marketability, technicality and popular trend of filament fabrics, especially focus on the evaluation of the technical characteristics and style of the products, and give due consideration to different application fields of the products. From the perspective of the selected products, there are many innovation highlights. There are almost no homogeneous products in 57 products, each with its own unique style

the participating experts said that the evaluation and recommendation of the national famous and high-quality filament fabrics will play a certain role in promoting the product structure adjustment of China's chemical fiber filament weaving industry, promoting the development of new filament fabrics, and enhancing the competitiveness of filament fabrics in domestic and foreign markets

it is reported that the review results will be announced at the "2012 national filament fabric product development annual meeting" held in mid June. The "high quality gold award", "high quality award" and "high quality shortlisted Award" of impact strength improved national filament fabrics will be intensively displayed and publicized at the annual meeting, and will be publicized in relevant media and appropriate occasions after the meeting

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