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5g deterministic network industry alliance officially joined 3GPP mrp

recently, 3GPP officials announced that 5g deterministic network industry alliance officially joined 3GPP MRP, becoming the third 5g vertical industry organization in the world to join 3GPP MRP after 5gaa and 5g-acia. This indicates that 5g certainty people design the material network industry alliance according to the existing chemical composition, structure and corresponding characteristics of materials. This achievement in 5g standard will help to develop portable small dialysis devices and further enhance the influence of 5gtob industry. It will help to accelerate the landing of 5g certainty network capacity, use certainty experience to continuously pull the industry and open up new space for the industry

3gpp is the largest and most important international standard organization in the mobile communication industry in the world. Its members include organizational partners, market representation partners (MRP) and individual members. Among them, MRP is an organization that provides mobile communication services, features, functions and other market demands and suggestions for 3GPP on behalf of the industry. Its members include GSMA, GSA, IPv6 forum, 5gaa, 5g-acia, tdia, etc

5g deterministic network refers to creating predictable, programmable, verifiable and deterministic mobile specialists through the public resources of operators, providing differentiated business experience and enabling the digital transformation of thousands of banks and industries. 5g deterministic network industry alliance was established in June, 2019. It was jointly initiated by a number of operators, equipment manufacturers and industry partners. It aims to promote and build 5g deterministic network, build a win-win industrial ecology, accelerate the business closed loop, and promote the development of 5g industry. At present, it has gathered more than 100 member units and set up a series of industry models. The alliance members have made excellent achievements in the recent two blooming cup 5g application competition of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Take the lead in successfully establishing 5g smart electricity research project in 3GPP R18

3gpp officially granted 5g deterministic network industry alliance MRP membership on October 16, 2020. The 5g deterministic network industry alliance will give full play to its role as a leading edge and Bridge in the communication and industry, meet industry needs, accelerate industrial integration, define the technical framework of 5g deterministic network, provide 3GPP with network needs and suggestions from industries such as industrial interconnection, whether it can only look at brand and power energy interconnection, multimedia, medical interconnection, intelligent transportation, port and mining, and promote the implementation of 5g industry needs, Contribute their unique value to the development of 5g industry, and welcome the industrial prosperity of 5g deterministic network enabling industry digital transformation

daijisheng, chairman of 5g deterministic network industry alliance and President of Huawei cloud core strategy and business development department, said that 5g deterministic network is the cornerstone of industry digital transformation, and joining 3GPP MRP is a major milestone of 5g deterministic network industry alliance. More industrial partners are welcome to join the alliance, work together to give full play to the upstream and downstream synergy of the industry, verify the technical and commercial feasibility with industrial models, support large-scale business with industrial standards and policies, continue to break through the industrial breakpoints such as technology, commerce, industrial ecology and policy norms, and jointly promote the vigorous development of 5g industry

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