Under SCADA control of the hottest natural gas pip

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SCADA control of natural gas pipeline (Part 2)

operation in dangerous environment

snap products have class I qualification certificate for working in dangerous environment. It enables TW to put the controllers used in the three machine rooms in the standard NEMA chassis, and the controllers without this certificate must be placed in the expensive explosion-proof box to work safely

tw uses factory floor software to program the nap controller of S's flat cargo tank, which can contain firewood and sports equipment. Factory floor provides a clear and visible expression of control logic through the flow chart screen. Draw a "to do" table by using action blocks with one or more commands, such as "open valve 1", and then connect these action blocks with the condition module with lines to determine whether the conditions are met, that is, ask "is valve l open?" The line between action blocks shows the order of execution. Through the above methods, an application program is compiled

The temperature and pressure inside the engine of

tw are adjusted by PID loops. These PID loops are very complex and must be subject to floating-point operation. Factory gives full play to our advantages faster, more efficient and more flexible. Floor supports IEEE standard floating-point algorithm, which is implemented by snap's mathematical coprocessor at the controller level. Another advantage of snap is that data can be recorded on each slave controller and master controller

human machine interface software

tw program the operator interface with the new MMI software. Because the display database and control database of the new software are the same, the corresponding work of the database is omitted, which makes the accuracy higher and reduces the programming time. The new software can access uo, control variables, alarm states, and data records. Its complex and exquisite graphic software ring technology, quality, and price generated by the target must be proportional, including a series of 3-D graphic libraries and isa symbol libraries. These characteristics make the development of the operator interface very easy

tw operators use MMI software on the site of each system. When finding problems, the operator can easily determine the cause, so as to send appropriate mechanical or instrument technicians

the simplicity of the software makes it possible for the operator to perform most simple maintenance without becoming a highly trained programmer. The operator who uses it for the first time may also upgrade the MMI


with the completion of the Toro base installation project, TW began to use snap to upgrade and update the pump station located in another one Arizona State. This pump station is expected to be put into operation in a few months. Then, there will be a steady flow of pump stations that require transformation. The replacement of pump stations may take several years for engineers of the engineering team of techwayson

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