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Production and application of wood plastic materials

production and application of wood plastic materials in China

the production and application of wood plastic materials in China has a certain foundation. According to incomplete statistics, in 2002, the application of wood plastic materials in packaging, warehousing, outdoor supplies and other fields has reached more than 2600 tons, and a small amount of products have been exported. However, there is still a huge gap between production capacity and demand

it is easier to promote the application of new materials after passing the customs. An important premise that cannot be ignored is that the production of this material must have a certain industrial scale. This is true of aluminum alloy profiles in the 1980s and plastic steel profiles in the 1990s

many industrial policies and supportive policies, especially some compulsory promotion measures, are difficult to achieve large-scale. This situation is of great significance to 2 The measurement of deformation will have a negative impact on the confidence of investors and the development of enterprises. In the long run, it will even cause the stagnation and contraction of the application market. Facing the developing application market, productivity construction will undoubtedly play a role in fuelling the flames. It is not only conducive to the formation of industrialization scale, but also will lead, drive and promote the development and growth of similar enterprises, so as to stimulate and meet the expanding market demand

it is more urgent to formulate standards after passing the customs.

with the development of social economy, the market has been very receptive to products without standards, especially when the application market is enlarged to a certain extent, its standards are more important

however, so far, except for pallets with industry standards, other products of wood plastic materials are only at the level of enterprise standards. As a product that will enter the application market where today's scientific and technological layout is tomorrow's industrial layout, its quality assurance and specification unification must be supported by a relatively unified standard system. The increasingly mature wood plastic products and the expanding market will promote the formulation of industry standards and national standards

technological innovation will be accelerated after passing the customs.

for the promotion and application of a new material with an average annual growth of 11.2%, its industrial technological progress is mainly reflected in three levels. First, basic technologies including equipment manufacturing, production and processing, testing and detection; Second, application technology including process improvement and product research and development; Third, technical services including equipment repair, maintenance, maintenance, personnel technical training, etc

expanding production scale will surely concentrate limited material and financial resources. On the basis of investigation and demonstration, many technologies are sorted out and summarized through the inspection and evaluation of the application market. In this way, only by retaining and developing scientific, applicable and market-oriented technologies, and eliminating and discarding counterfeit, backward and disruptive technologies, can industry technology be standardized and continuously innovated

after passing the customs, the application scope will be wider.

looking at the development of wood plastic technology and the expansion of product application fields abroad, there are three obvious characteristics: first, market introduction by relatively simple products, and then gradually transition to relatively complex products; Second, from the application of single product to the application of synthetic technology and modified technology; Third, products with low added value gradually transition to products with high added value, and the continuous expansion of product application fields can be achieved through the above transition

according to the current situation of domestic technology development, it can be boldly speculated that the process of these three transitions is significantly faster than that of foreign countries. This is because: first, there are many successful foreign technologies and experiences that can be used for reference; Second, there is a huge domestic market demand for products as a traction; Third, the formation and expansion of the application market has begun to take shape. Expanding the scale can not only drive the whole industry to develop in a direction conducive to expanding the field of product use, but also lead the whole industry to enter various application markets based on Technological Development and supported by scale and standardization

after passing the customs, large enterprises will see the promotion and application of new materials, which involves not only the characteristics of products, but also the application fields of products; It is not only related to the technical level of production and processing, but also related to the scale and standardization of production; It depends not only on the supporting supply of auxiliary materials, but also on the promotion and sales of production products; It is not only related to upstream enterprises such as equipment manufacturing and raw material processing, but also related to downstream enterprises such as product deep processing and secondary processing; It depends not only on the support of relevant national industrial policies, but also on the self efforts of various production enterprises. As the leading unit in the wood plastic industry, large enterprise groups shoulder the important task of integrating policy, technology, raw materials, production and market. Through the integration of these resources, we can create a good industrialization environment, so that other enterprises in the industry can share these resources and continue to grow

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