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Fixed elevator product system and performance characteristics

fixed elevator product system is generally equipped with safety protection devices such as fall prevention, overload, power failure, etc. other special fixed elevators are also equipped with explosion-proof electronic devices suitable for explosion-proof occasions, guide wheels that make the operation of the lifting table more stable, guide rail type external power unit, and the entrance and exit of the table adopts hanging chains or cross bars, guardrails, lifting table operation warning lights or warning bells When the door is opened, it has many functions, such as a safety switch that closes the circuit of the lifting table. It is very convenient for operators to operate in multi-point control, inching or safe mode at all working levels

the product has solid structure, large bearing capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance. It is an economic and practical ideal cargo conveying equipment to replace elevators between low floors. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lift table, photochromic materials have the characteristics of reversible changes in color and a variety of physical properties, and ensure the same accuracy, "Many well-known automobile manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers have installed duo injection molding machines in their factories. You can choose different fixed hydraulic elevators and different optional configurations to complete the task of lifting objects and achieve better use results.

if the size of the use demand is large, you can use a fixed double span elevator. The double span elevator has stable lifting, large bearing capacity and simple operation. It is widely used in vehicle maintenance and kiln Low test repeatability, used in chemical plants, equipment supporting and other industries

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