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Product quality of packaging and printing enterprises

1. The current situation of quality awareness of enterprises

the competition in the packaging and printing industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Most enterprises realize that quality is the life of enterprises and an important guarantee for their survival and development. Product quality is valued by more and more enterprises and plays a very important role in enterprise management. Without correct quality awareness, it is difficult to take conscious actions in quality management, and it is even more difficult to have high quality products. The life of an enterprise will be short

many enterprises have paid attention to strengthening the quality work, forming a strong atmosphere of caring about the quality, and have been working tirelessly for a long time. However, it is undeniable that there are still quite a number of enterprises whose quality awareness is not in place. The product quality has not improved for a long time, and there are often unqualified products, resulting in certain economic losses on August 9. Customers are decreasing day by day, and the operation is difficult

2. The purpose of enterprise quality control

enterprises attach importance to and improve product quality in order to increase profits. The quality of products reflects both social and economic benefits. Quality is the market, and quality is benefit. The packaging and printing enterprises in the southeast coastal areas of China produce high-quality products with advanced business ideas or means and advanced technology and equipment, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign customers. The market scale of the enterprises continues to expand and the economic benefits are considerable. On the contrary, in some enterprises, the quality management is lax, and the scrapping caused by the return of goods due to unqualified product quality or quality accidents will result in a loss of at least several thousand yuan, at most tens of thousands of yuan, or even more. Those enterprises that are difficult to operate or even close down are all caused by chaotic management, single products and rough manufacturing

3. how to ensure the quality of products

people in quality inspection departments like to live in big houses. Testing and self inspection of enterprises are of positive and important significance to ensure product quality, reducing the flow of unqualified products into society, but the quality problems detected have usually caused undue economic and reputation losses to enterprises. Only by putting the focus of quality work on the control of production process and putting prevention first, can we ensure product quality to the greatest extent and reduce losses. When nonconforming products appear, it is important to analyze the causes of quality problems through inspection, put forward solutions, improve the working environment and process operation procedures of the process, and improve the degree of quality assurance

4. how to control quality cost

printing and packaging enterprises should treat all quality indicators of products reasonably and correctly when improving product quality

the quality indicators of products vary according to different uses and objects. For example, using imported high-grade raw materials (paper or film) and high-grade inks, using high-grade printing equipment, and printing general prints with high process requirements and quality standards will undoubtedly improve the quality, but the sharp increase in costs will inevitably affect the efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should control costs on the premise of meeting the requirements of quality standards. When organizing production, enterprises should, in accordance with the theory of value engineering, comprehensively consider the relationship between quality, cost and benefit, coordinate and choose between the quality to achieve user satisfaction and the best quality cost, and achieve dynamic balance based on the industrial quality standards and social average quality cost in the same period. So that the cost-effectiveness of enterprises is ultimately reflected in the high quality and low price of products

5. Selection of quality control instruments

the accuracy of quality control largely depends on the test instruments. How to accurately select the tester with hydrophilic and oleophobic properties of montmorillonite is the key to ensure the test data. The author believes that the following points can be considered

a. whether it meets the standard. The manufacturing of testing instruments is based on standards, which should at least meet national standards for domestic sales. Manufacturers with import and export trade should also consider international standards. At present, although China is also vigorously introducing international standards and advanced standards, there are many test methods for measuring the same index at the same time due to the great differences in the international community. I think we should consider whether the test method is progressiveness and meets the mainstream. For example, the permeability test includes differential pressure method, concentration method, gas chromatography, etc. the differential pressure method has become the test method of instruments in Germany, Britain, China, Denmark and other countries because of its wide range and high precision. Therefore, it is best to choose the permeability tester of differential pressure method

b. key components of the instrument. As a testing instrument, hardware requirements, such as whether key components (mainly from the innovative research and utilization of key battery materials, sensors, pneumatic components, etc.) are reliable, should be judged according to the data provided by the instrument supplier

c. application of computer technology. Today, with the development of computer technology, computer automatic two-way control and data processing using computers are an important aspect of measuring instruments. This not only does not lag behind in technology, but also can get continuous upgrading services from manufacturers

d. wide range of application. Whether to adapt to the development trend of modern and future packaging and printing. For example, flexible packaging not only has a variety of modified atmosphere packaging, but also expands to more fields (such as chemical industry, pesticides, etc.), which requires testing instruments to be suitable for the development trend of flexible packaging in the future. Barrier testing should consider not only oxygen, carbon dioxide, but also organic odor

e. instrument calibration. As a test instrument, we should consider whether the calibration is convenient and accurate, and whether it can be communicated in the industry. For example, Jinan Languang permeability tester uses a high-precision (5%) pressure calibrator for calibration, which is intuitive, accurate and convenient. Avoid using reference materials, because the storage requirements of reference materials are extremely strict and it is difficult to trace the source

f. after sales service. Know whether the after-sales service is perfect and the rationality of the maintenance fee during the warranty period (such as the price of spare parts)

e. brand of the manufacturer. It can be learned from the manufacturer's customer base and other channels

h. whether relevant services can provide a full range of technical services in packaging and printing, solve practical problems for customers, and provide not only products but also all-round technical services

i. price ratio. The price ratio of high performance is an important factor in the selection of instruments, which meets the requirements of the enterprise. The functions meet the requirements, and the accuracy can be achieved. I don't think it is necessary to buy expensive products, even imported products. With the development of China's industry and the improvement of processing technology, the technology of a considerable number of products has fully reached the international level, even leading the world

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