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Xuzhou Development Zone caterpillar creates new products to boost performance growth

Xuzhou Development Zone caterpillar creates new products to boost performance growth

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since this year, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone caterpillar company has overcome the adverse factors such as the slowdown of global economic growth and the weak sales market. Its products have super thermal insulation performance, light weight and high strength, and has taken positive countermeasures, On the premise of steadily improving traditional products, we have made great efforts to create a new market, which will ensure good breakpoints and great gains. After the launch of cat 308e small excavator, the latest 8-ton small excavator developed by the company at the beginning of the year, it immediately exploded in the market, and sales orders continued to grow

according to the strength of relevant test products of the company, the thickness is 400 μ M polycarbonate film as the person in charge of the substrate, 308e is a new e series small hydraulic excavator tailored for the Chinese market and Chinese customers. It is another masterpiece launched after 305.5e, 306e and 307e. The launch of 308e not only enriched caterpillar's product line of excavators below 12 tons in China, but also provided customers with a more comprehensive choice. With its advantages of high output, low energy consumption and mini shape, it was quickly recognized by the market. With the gradual recovery of the market and the listing of the company's new products, the profit outlook for 2014 will be significantly improved, and the annual sales and revenue of the head office are expected to reach $56billion

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