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Font design in packaging design

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core tip: like advertising design, packaging design can sometimes be without graphics semi-automatic impact testing machine, but not without words. Words are an essential element to convey packaging design. Many good packaging designs pay great attention to word design, Even after the decoration picture design is completed and put into use for a period of time, it is completely handled with word changes

[China Packaging News] like advertising design, packaging design can sometimes be without graphics, but it can't be without words. Words are an essential element to convey packaging design. Many good packaging designs pay great attention to word design, and even completely deal with decoration pictures with word changes

the text content of packaging mainly includes the following aspects:

basic text: packaging brand, product name and manufacturer name. Generally, it is arranged on the main display of dishes, and the name of the manufacturer can also be arranged on the side or back. The brand name font is generally standardized, which is helpful to establish the product image. The words of the product name can be decorated and changed

data text: data text includes product composition, capacity, model, specification, etc. The arrangement part is mostly on the side, back or front of the package. The design shall adopt printed fonts

explanatory text: describe the purpose, usage, maintenance, precautions, etc. of the product. The text content should be concise and the font should be printed. Generally, it is not arranged on the front of the package

advertising text: This is a promotional text that promotes the characteristics of the content. The content should be honest, concise, vivid, and avoid deception and solicitation. Its layout location is changeable. However, advertising text is not necessary

Chinese calligraphy font has good expressiveness, reflects different personality characteristics, and is a vivid language in packaging design

the font of printing is clear and easy to distinguish, which is more commonly used in packaging. Printed Chinese characters are mainly used in old song style, bold style, variety style and round bold style. Different printed matter has different styles. From the beginning of production to becoming a leading high-tech experimental equipment, it plays a good role in the performance of different commodity characteristics

decorative fonts are the most widely used in packaging design. There are various forms of decorative body, and its change forms mainly include shape change, stroke change, structure change, image change and so on. Effective choices should be made for different commodity contents

the title should have the strongest appeal and the highest cry in the whole packaging page. It is like a conductor in a band, and all other visual elements should be arranged around this protagonist. The font in the title is required to be clear, exaggerated and highlight personality, so that consumers can deeply remember the title image and the expressed appeal content, so as to achieve an unforgettable effect. Therefore, electronics plays the role of incremental filling. The supervision code and the title font should be carefully conceived, designed and produced, which takes about 60% of the whole packaging design time

generally, the following points should be paid attention to in font selection in packaging design:

font style should reflect the attribute characteristics of the base content. The font application has good recognition and readability, especially the application of calligraphy. In order to avoid being misunderstood by ordinary consumers, it should be adjusted and improved so that it can be accepted by the public without losing its artistic flavor. Note that the font style of the same name and content should be consistent

in addition to the Chinese characters in packaging design, the packaging of export commodities, or the design of packaging characters for domestic and foreign sales, will inevitably involve the use of foreign characters. Among them, pull text is most involved in packaging. This kind of writing is characterized by the formation of words with letters. The twenty-six letters are divided into large and small letters

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