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Xuzhou xudiao held the 2007 annual supplier working conference

Xuzhou xudiao held the 2007 annual supplier working conference

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Guide: facing the severe market situation in 2006, xudiao company and the majority of suppliers worked hard together, worked hard, worked together with one heart and one morality, cooperated in good faith, developed together, and made new achievements. In order to thank the vast number of suppliers for their support to xudiao's cause, and on the basis of summarizing the cooperation performance in 2006, discuss and clarify 2

in the face of the severe market situation in 2006, xudiao company and the majority of suppliers worked hard together, worked hard, worked together with one heart and one mind, cooperated in good faith, and developed together, and made new achievements. In order to thank the vast number of suppliers for their support to xudiao's cause, and on the basis of summarizing the cooperation performance in 2006, discuss and clarify the cooperation and development strategy in 2007. On December 22, xudiao company held a grand "supplier working meeting of Xuzhou xudiao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2007" at Jiali International Hotel, and held a licensing ceremony for 13 excellent suppliers

the meeting was presided over by zhaomingwen, the director of the company's procurement department. Chen Gang, the general manager of the company, first delivered a speech. President Chen extended a warm welcome to the arrival of more than 80 conference representatives and expressed his heartfelt thanks for their "concentric alliance and love and righteousness" with Xu dig. In his speech, President Chen not only reviewed the work in 2006, but also analyzed and prospected the market situation and work in 2007. President Chen pointed out that the development strategy of XCMG is to revitalize the national brand and devote itself to the professional development, production, sales and service of mining machinery. Among the enterprises that manufacture excavators all over the world, our experimental machines are incomparable in terms of performance. We should achieve leading technology, complete varieties and diversified functions, meet the diverse needs of different customers, and become the leader in the excavator industry. The short-term development goal is to use about five years to build xudiao into a listed company with medium and large tonnage and annual sales of more than 2000 units by 2010

then, the supplier made a speech on behalf of Mr. Xia Yuwu, deputy general manager and technical director of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and Mr. Xia thanked xudig company for its love on behalf of Shantui company. Xudiao company has made great progress in recent years and has become an important force in the national brand of Chinese excavators, especially in the development of large-scale excavators. Here, Shantui company congratulates xudiao company on its brilliant achievements! He also said that he would continue to vigorously improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs, ensure delivery time, and make a modest contribution to the development of xudiao company

in the third item of the meeting, Wang Lei, the technical support of the Sales Department of xudiao company, made a 2007 market situation analysis and sales forecast report to the participants. Wang Lei pointed out in his report that in 2006, with the commencement of a large number of engineering projects during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, a new boom cycle of construction machinery came. From January to November 2006, the sales revenue of xudiao company increased by 36% year-on-year; The value of export delivery increased by 49% year-on-year, maintaining the momentum of rapid growth since 2004. Especially after the BMW exhibition, the market image of xudiao products has been greatly improved, and the orders have soared; The sales volume of XCMG machinery products will show a rapid upward trend in 2007, and will achieve the goal of selling more than 600 sets. In his speech, Wang Lei quoted machinery's evaluation of Xu dig machinery: in order to gain a firm foothold in the market situation dominated by foreign brands and develop and progress, national brand excavators must take three solid steps: the first step is to solve the reliability and applicability of products and improve the cost performance of products; The second step is to improve the level of product technology, so that the products are exquisite and meticulous. The third step is to achieve a breakthrough in technological content and ensure the progressiveness of technology and the ability of continuous technological innovation. These three steps are sequential and insurmountable. After several years of development, xudiao has completed the first step, started to take the second step and planned the third step

In the fourth item of the meeting, Mao Yonglin, deputy general manager of xudiao company, introduced the achievements in new product development and technological improvement in 2006, as well as the new product development plan and the company's development plan in 2007. President Mao said: with the strong support and help of all of you, xudiao company achieved fruitful results in technical improvement and new product development in 2006. It not only completed the design and trial production of three new products, namely, 45 tons, 14 tons and 14 tons of wheel excavation, but also completed the finalization of two products, namely, 6 tons and 8.8 tons, which laid the foundation for the production in 2007. At the same time, it has also successfully upgraded five products of 21 tons, 22 tons, 24 tons and 33 tons. In order to further improve the service level, the remote intelligent service system is enabled, which can grasp the working state of the excavator in real time. At present, the new mining bucket has been put into mass production, and the unified design of the hydraulic pipeline of the 21 ton and 24 ton products has also been completed and has been put into mass production. In 2007, Xu dig will work more closely with its strategic partners to develop brilliance. The main tasks for next year are: 1. Develop excavators with Euro III emission standards on products of 14 tons, 21 tons, 24 tons and 33 tons; 2. Develop a series of quick change couplings for multifunctional operation devices; 3. Develop a series of ultra long working devices; 4. Improve the versatility of shaft sleeve type design; 5. Apply for patents for xudiao's proprietary technology to protect intellectual property rights

the fifth item of the meeting was Xiong Jiqing, deputy general manager of xudiao company, who made the 2006 quality work summary and the 2007 technical improvement work report. President Xiong pointed out in the report that xudiao company has always insisted on taking users as the focus of China's plastic machinery enterprises. In recent years, it has increased its focus on opening up emerging markets for extruders. In order to meet users' increasing requirements for excavator performance, price, reliability, timeliness of service and so on, in the new product development stage, we have widely collected information and investigated the needs of excavator users on the spot. It selects the world-class accessories and carefully selects the domestic general accessories, which greatly shortens the research and development cycle of new products. In just two years, it has completed a series of products from 6 tons to 45 tons, and the technical level is in the lead in China. The company takes the implementation of user satisfaction project as a breakthrough, and strengthens the quality awareness and operation skill training of all employees. In the evaluation activity of "2006 user satisfaction project" held by the branch of China Quality Association Construction Machinery "19", which represents China's first large passenger aircraft with a maximum passenger capacity of 190 seats, it won many awards. The company has set up a "general manager's service quality complaint" and compiled it into the user manual to further strengthen the training of service personnel and standardize service procedures. In order to ensure product quality, speed up the speed of quality improvement, effectively control the quality of manufacturing links, and quickly apply new technologies and new processes to products, we have achieved the self-made of all main structural parts, with a general self-made rate of 95%, which occupies an obvious advantage in the domestic excavator industry. At present, the second phase of the reconstruction and expansion project of XCMG is being implemented. After completion, it will have the annual capacity of 2000 excavators of all kinds, and become the backbone of the development of China's excavator industry

the sixth item of the meeting was summarized by zhaomingwen, head of the procurement department of xudiao company in 2006 and the procurement work report in 2007. When summing up the work in 2006, Minister Zhao said with confidence: Xu digger's machinery products were unveiled on the same stage with many products at home and abroad at the Shanghai BMW exhibition, and Xu digger received too many surprises and praise. In November and December, when the industry was cold, Xu Diao ushered in a sales climax! Production has always been in short supply. At the same time, xudiao company has achieved a virtuous circle of funds by reducing inventory, shortening product development cycle, accelerating capital turnover and other powerful measures. In 2007, the focus of procurement work was the most concerned issue of the participants. When talking about this, Minister Zhao said: 2007 is a year when the production planning system of xudiao company fully implemented the punctual completion rate. We will strengthen communication and exchange with all suppliers, speed up technological progress, and develop qualified suppliers of new materials among existing suppliers. Collected in 2007 "The tires produced by elastopan dual density technology are not afraid of puncture and wear of hard objects. The total purchase amount and the types of purchased materials are increased. In order to ensure the punctuality of the production plan, xudiao company will assess each supplier once a month according to the three indicators of timeliness of supply, product qualification rate and service quality. In 2007, we will continue to follow the previous method of timely price comparison procurement and select the best among the qualified suppliers reviewed by the supplier Price comparison purchase

customer support from the main engine factory of Cummins Beijing office, Yang Feihu, Mr. Wang Liping, chairman of Jiangsu Hengli high pressure oil cylinder Co., Ltd., and Ms. Jiang Lihua of Ma'anshan Fangyuan slewing ring Co., Ltd. shared their supporting experience with the representatives of supporting suppliers attending the meeting, and then held the awarding ceremony of excellent suppliers in 2006. Chen Gang, general manager of xudiao company, Mao Yonglin, deputy general manager Xiong Jiqing presented awards to representatives of 13 excellent suppliers

in the evening, at the appreciation banquet held at Jiahua hall on the fourth floor of Jiali, the host and the guest gathered together and toasted each other. The supplier representatives attending the meeting expressed their positions one after another. President Chen's speech gave great encouragement to the suppliers attending the meeting, especially after listening to the introduction of xudiao's business development strategy for the next 5-10 years, their confidence increased. In the future, we will strengthen our cooperation with xudiao company, advocate the "cooperation and win-win" code that xudiao company has always followed and the new business philosophy of "honesty, innovation, interaction and win-win" proposed by President Chen, and establish an interactive platform between suppliers, xudiao company and customers to achieve win-win results

Zhao Mingwen, head of the procurement department presided over the meeting

Chen Gang, general manager, delivered a speech

Mao Yonglin, deputy general manager, made an introduction to product development

Xiong Jiqing, deputy general manager, made a technical improvement report

Wang Lei, technical support of the sales department, made a sales work report

Company leaders presented awards to excellent suppliers

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