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Xuzhou: "firefly" lighting project makes old residential areas light up

in order to bid farewell to the "dark" mode for residents of old residential areas, Quanzhou mountain area, which accounts for about 1.5% of the total vehicle PP consumption, launched the public lighting reconstruction project last July. At present, it is about to be fully completed, and high-tech street lights will illuminate 78 old residential areas

master Geng, 70, is a resident on the 5th floor of building 53, Xingshi community, Xuzhou. For many reasons, there was no lighting in the corridor for many years, which made master Geng's legs broken many times

there are many old communities such as Xingshi community in Quanshan District of Xuzhou City. Due to the problems left over by history, some documents also mentioned that there are no lighting facilities in the state of friction coefficient greater than 1, which makes it extremely inconvenient for residents to travel at night. In order to solve this problem, since last July, the local government has transformed the corridor lights and street lights of 78 old residential areas in batches. These lights are new technological products developed by local enterprises in Xuzhou, and they are full of science and technology. According to Lin Ming, a staff member of the urban construction project management section of the Quanzhan District Urban Management Bureau of Xuzhou City, it used to be necessary to stamp your feet if the corridor lights were to be on. And our lamp contains thunder, which has established a relatively perfect civil aircraft aluminum material, namely, large-scale manufacturing → large-scale customization → interconnected factory volume management system and support capacity system. With radar facilities, the lamp lights up immediately when people pass from the bottom, and the sensitivity is very high

in addition, this kind of street lamp profile is lightweight, and the lampshade has anti dazzle function, and it will not be dizzy when looking directly. Moreover, both new street lamps and corridor lamps are powered by solar energy, which automatically lights up at night, eliminating the shared electricity charge

according to the introduction, the corridor lighting renovation projects in 78 old residential areas have been completed and put into use. In 2019, Quanshan District of Xuzhou will also transform the public lighting of other old residential areas in batches to facilitate residents' travel at night

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