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Xuzhou Liebherr launched a new generation of mixing plant control system LCS

Liebherr concrete mixing plant has been committed to combining German technology with Chinese practice since it entered China in the 1980s to provide users with a safe, reliable and stable control system

the automatic control system of Liebherr mixing plant adopts a number of proprietary technologies, strictly implements the quality specifications of components, serves the Chinese market in an all-round way, and wholeheartedly provides users with personalized automatic control systems with different needs

the new generation of LCs control system (Liebherr control system) is jointly developed by Liebherr mixing technology Germany headquarters, Thailand plant and Xuzhou plant. While mastering Liebherr's core technology, in order to better serve Chinese users, the developers of Xuzhou factory have made continuous efforts to improve, and finally compiled a set of localization system with powerful functions, which is an important factor for whether the experiment can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the experimental results. The system is commonly used in betomix and LCM series mixing plants. At present, it has been successfully applied in many lcm3.0 Projects - perfectly matching the actual production capacity of 150 cubic meters per hour of LCM; Concise and intelligent, easy to use, so the user experience has been significantly improved


humanized intelligent display

interface preference customization is faster to get started

lcs intelligent interface upgrade enables every link in the production process of the mixing plant to be displayed on the computer screen in real time and dynamically in the most intuitive form. The menu list function simplifies the processing of orders and the import of master data; Rough and fine matching ensures high accuracy and saves material consumption. From storage, batching, weighing, mixing to unloading, the arrangement of each link on the interface can be moved to the preferred position according to the user's habits; Our engineers will help users to complete customized interface design on site, which makes the operator feel more friendly and allows the operator to seamlessly connect to the use of new equipment


full mouse operation

based on the stability of the system, LCS cancels the physical button control and adopts the mainstream control mode in the market: a computer controls all devices, and you can complete all operations with just a click of the mouse, which is more humanized and improves the operation efficiency


stable performance and high scalability

lcs adopts CoDeSys PLC programming software, cooperates with Wago control module and dual German technology escort. The higher configuration provides better stability for the equipment and ensures high scalability at the same time


easy management of space remote control

lcs control system is like a small ERP system, which can be used independently to complete the task management of the mixing plant; At the same time, it also supports docking with users' existing ERP. LCS has real remote control capability, and the control room can be placed in any location with network environment, with only one wire or optical fiber. LCS is set at a higher level of alarm mechanism by default at the factory to ensure stronger security. However, if necessary, our engineers can also adjust the alarm level on site according to user requirements


from hardware to software

provide localization schemes

use special shielded wires that comply with EtherCAT communication protocol, and are not afraid of the layout of field trunking to ensure stable signal transmission. The power line and communication line are routed separately to reduce interference. Provide ERP interface, which can directly connect with users' existing ERP


factory pre assembly

according to the different needs of each project (such as the number of bins and scales), each set of LCs control system will be pre installed before leaving the factory, and will be tested and connected with the equipment in the workshop. After debugging, it will be packaged and sent to the site


support multiple languages

lcs control system currently provides languages including Chinese, English, German and Thai; Other languages can also be provided according to user needs


rapid service response support remote diagnosis

the full mouse controlled LCS also makes remote diagnosis possible. The multilingual environment allows engineers from Liebherr Thailand factory to participate in troubleshooting and solve problems more quickly


split layout of electric control cabinet

more efficient and safe

lcs electric cabinet adopts split layout, and there is only one operating desk in the control room. The control electrical cabinets are arranged next to the corresponding action parts, which greatly improves the convenience of equipment maintenance and is conducive to rapid troubleshooting

Liebherr Thailand factory Software Engineer (from left)

Paradorn sornjai

/tawee nootang

/Suriya sonpu

with the establishment of the production lines of LCM 3.0 in Xuzhou factory and lcm1.0 in Thailand factory, Liebherr LCM series concrete mixing plant is gradually expanding. Therefore, we have started cooperation with Xuzhou factory in software development, aiming to design a universal mixing plant control system. In the development process of LCs control system, considering the different use needs and habits of Chinese users, it is necessary to rebuild a software and PLC structure. Therefore, we seek the help of Liebherr mixing technology Germany headquarters. With the efforts of three party software development engineers, we finally create a new software LCS. The software can serve 16 weighing units at the same time and control all batching processes to meet the actual production capacity of 150m/h of lcm3.0. In addition, we have also developed a new man-machine interface for lcm3.0. The old static screen display has been replaced by a modern dynamic interface, so that users can see all processes intuitively and clearly. At present, we are applying Liebherr's lws4 amplifier to the new control system, and the first test is in progress. Once lws4 is successfully implemented, we will have a complete Liebherr solution. All these are just a practice of BCS III control system development. It will be developed by concrete technology as a control system platform, which will be able to serve all Liebherr mixing plants in the world

Edwin Horsman, production manager of Thailand factory

Liebherr Xuzhou factory

Wang Shiyao, software development engineer, actively faces and solves any possible problems, which reflects the value of continuous progress of any product. In this process, we are also accumulating experience in importing unqualified waste materials from environmental protection projects of US $56 million to help Chinese users gain a good experience of German technology localization. At the same time, the functions of LCs are constantly being developed, focusing on the usage habits of Chinese users, and gradually improving, and finally building a rich, efficient, friendly and active mixing plant control system. Liebherr mixing technology Thailand factory has always given active assistance in this regard, which makes LCS rely on a strong team to provide efficient support, whether in function creation or practical application. The function and interface design of LCs is intended to make the control of mixing plant more efficient, stable and accurate. We hope that every user can be recognized in terms of sense of use and more benefits; At the same time, the system contains great flexibility, which provides a basis for LCS to play a role in any market background in the future

Liebherr Xuzhou factory

on site installation engineer Zhang Peng

high face value operation interface, with reasonable design and easy operation, is deeply loved by users

it has strong scalability. In addition, the LCS control system can quickly increase or decrease the number of silo modules according to the needs of users. The operation is simple and does not affect normal production at all

real remote control. LCS connects the weighing, humidity, temperature, current monitoring and other sensors to the Wago module and directly transmits the data to the upper computer through the line. Users in 2017 are generally considered to be the first year of energy storage. They only need to bring the computer to the desired location and connect a line to realize remote production control

convenient debugging and high stability. LCS has been tested at full control points before leaving the factory. After the equipment is installed, it can be produced only by connecting the power supply and communication line. The debugging time is short, and the mixing equipment can bring production benefits to customers earlier

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