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Xuzhou Economic Development Zone accelerates the expansion of overseas market of construction machinery

Xuzhou Economic Development Zone accelerates the expansion of overseas market of construction machinery

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up to now, the construction machinery products of Xuzhou Economic and technological Development Zone have been exported to 173 countries and regions, successfully seizing the high-end market of equipment manufacturing, and the sales proportion in Europe, North America, Oceania and Japan has increased from 3% to 10%

in Europe, accelerate the market layout, carry out acquisitions, set up R & D centers and procurement centers, and speed up the distribution. Although it can be reached, the cost has increased a lot and the service network layout. With the help of schweiying channel, it has penetrated into the Western European market and continuously expanded XCMG's brand popularity. Through the improvement of product adaptability by Polish companies, we have constantly enriched the types of CE certified products. So far, we have completed the adaptability improvement and certification of 93 products in 15 major categories, enriched the products suitable for the European market, and established a good after-sales reputation with PLA and flexible materials. The European market has been prized. According to statistics, no returned products are exported to Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Turkey, and other countries. China's customs data show that the export volume ranks first in China's construction machinery industry and cannot be used in microwave ovens or ovens. Among them, Turkey's export volume reaches 22million US dollars, ranking first in market share, and the piling equipment comprehensively surpasses the well-known brands in the same industry

in Oceania, loaders, excavators, crawler cranes and off-road tire cranes improved according to local working conditions are serving all over the country. Last year, we strategically strengthened the layout of channel points and service points, adding 4 first-class dealers and more than 20 dealer service points, covering the whole of Australia. Especially for the Australian mining equipment market, mining excavators with a total operating capacity of 70-400 tons and mining trucks with a load capacity of 110-300 tons have been developed, and business relations have been established with well-known large mining companies

in North America, the U.S. R & D center has been established, an international first-class R & D team has been established, and two spare parts centers in New York and Orlando have been established in the U.S. market. Some construction machinery products have been recognized by more and more American and Canadian customers. The export volume has increased year by year, and 100 excavators have been exported to the United States for two consecutive years

in Japan, products are rapidly seizing the market. At present, the products that have successfully entered include truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, excavators, obstacle removal vehicles and a large number of other products, which have been recognized by customers. Sales in 2014 increased by 88% over 2013

leveraging international first-line brands in high-end markets such as Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, thanks to the continued downturn in the macro economy, engineering contractors have turned to purchasing Chinese construction machinery products with cost-effective advantages. On the other hand, it is also derived from the forward-looking internationalization strategy, strong scientific research strength and excellent global service system of the enterprise itself

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