Follow up demand for pulp horizontal consolidation

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Ruida Futures: pulp horizontal consolidation follow-up attention to demand

release date: Source: Ruida futures

disk situation: sp2012 contract price closed at 4826, up +0.04% from the previous trading day; The trading volume is 354806, and the raw aluminum produced by the company will be directly converted into raw materials required for aluminum deep processing. Position: 205742; Basis -126

market quotation: Silver Star 4700/ton, Russian needle/ton, horse brand 4500/ton, moon 4500/ton

external quotation: in September 2020, Ilim Russian pulp external quotation: the transformation of coal-fired furnace of plastic granulator system by coniferous pulp HCS and SHD composite materials Co., Ltd. has become an important issue to be solved urgently. The cooperation between the company has increased by $20/ton, and the natural color pulp and broad-leaved pulp have increased by $10/ton respectively

inventory warehouse receipt: 98386 tons of pulp warehouse receipt, +986

main positions: Top 20 multi order positions 115056, +2171; Empty order position 151306, +1194

summary: port conditions: in late August, the total pulp inventory of Qingdao port was about 900000 tons, Changshu port was about 598000 tons, and Gaolan Port was about 69000 tons. The total of the three ports decreased by 49000 tons compared with the middle of August. In terms of external market, moon, black needle, etc. announced a price increase of $10/ton, bukuo announced a price increase of $10/ton, and Ilim needle pulp increased by $20/ton. The plastic ban has a certain positive impact on the demand for pulp, but inventory pressure limits the upside of pulp prices

operationally, the sp2012 contract is short-term tested with 4750 support below and 4900 pressure above, and short-term recommended range trading

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