Folding front mouth device of book seal conveying

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The book cover of the folding front opening device of the book cover conveying mechanism of the binding package machine can be roughly summarized into two points: the conveying mechanism includes the first pair of rotating shafts, the second pair of rotating shafts and the third pair of rotating shafts that can significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle body horizontally, and the sealing rollers that are symmetrically arranged on each pair of rotating shafts, and each pair of rotating shafts is arranged up and down in parallel. The folding front opening device is composed of two pairs of crease parts respectively arranged on any pair of rotating shafts in the three pairs of rotating shafts in the book seal conveying mechanism. Each pair of crease parts is composed of an indentation roller with flange arranged on one rotating shaft and an auxiliary indentation roller arranged on the other rotating shaft corresponding to the indentation roller. This kind of binding bag is the folding front opening of the book seal conveying mechanism of this machine. 1. According to its functions, the tape can be divided into: high temperature tape, double-sided tape, insulating tape, special masking paper pressure-sensitive masking paper, die-cutting tape, anti-static tape, anti-static warning tape device. When the cover paper passes between the two pressing rollers, it can press out the shore durometer of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. This durometer (rubber durometer) is widely used in rubber The hardness of plastics is measured by creases, which is convenient for folding

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