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Xu Yuewen: Shandong Lingong excavator makes my life more happy

Xu Yuewen: Shandong Lingong excavator makes my life more happy

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Xu Yuewen, who has just turned 30, is an old driver with more than ten years of driving experience

bond excavator

it is said that Xu Yuewen's bond with excavators starts from just learning to dig excavators. At the age of 21, Xu Yuewen learned to dig excavators with his uncle who operated excavators. In more than two years, he has mastered the driving skills of excavators and participated in many local engineering constructions, large and small

in 2008, Zhongwang also launched technical cooperation with Volvo, BYD (47.850, 0.00, 0.00%), brilliance bus, 1 auto bus, Yutong, Huanghai bus and other auto manufacturers. The Wenchuan earthquake and the Beijing Olympic Games were an impressive year for all Chinese people. At the same time, for 23-year-old Xu Yuewen, it is also an important year in his life. My uncle, who has been operating excavators for many years, switched to other jobs, and he officially took over his uncle's excavator. He suddenly became the owner of the excavator and owned his own excavator

Xu Yuewen has just started to operate excavators by himself, and he also encountered great difficulties. The first problem is that he needs to find work by himself. Xu Yuewen was unwilling to wait. He took the initiative to go to various construction sites and local construction enterprises to contact business. With more and more jobs, the second-hand excavator taken over from his uncle can no longer adapt. Xu Yuewen began to consider buying a new excavator. Which brand of excavator should he buy

temporary excavator powder

people in the excavator industry also have fan plots for brands. There were not many excavators in Liyang market in 2007. However, after some people started to buy, they had obvious advantages in mining speed, fuel saving and other aspects, and had a very good reputation. The excavator circle in Liyang spread very fast, and soon there were bosses who needed excavators to buy temporary excavators

2009, Xu Yuewen also learned from his friends that Shandong Lingong excavator is cost-effective and has a good reputation. He found a local agent and test drove Shandong Lingong 60 excavator. He felt that it was indeed as good as the local excavator circle friends said. He immediately made up his mind to pay for one. At the same time, his friends who operate excavators also bought it, At the same time, four temporary excavators were purchased in a batch

since having this temporary 60 small excavation, Xu Yuewen has worked in environmental sanitation and greening, rural infrastructure, building foundation excavation, farmland water conservancy, building basement, urban demolition and reconstruction and other projects in Liyang, because this small excavation can be operated in a narrow space, the machine is stable, and the data of 1 cut in the computer controlled by the computer is set to zero, and nothing is ever done Selection of humidity range the humidity index given by environmental test boxes at home and abroad is mostly 20 ~ 98% RH or 30 ~ 98% RH. Each project is completed efficiently, which brings Xu Yuewen considerable stable income every year

up to now, this temporary 60 small excavation has worked for more than 13000 hours. Generally, the machine is very stable. The engine and hydraulic pump were not replaced except for the chain links that were normally worn out after 8000 hours. There is a great relationship between Xu Yuewen's usual careful maintenance of equipment and the regular inspection of after-sales service engineers from Shandong Lingong who provide e-commerce platforms for traders. Talking about the after-sales service of Lingong, Xu Yuewen is still full of praise

this is also an important reason for him to continue to become a fan of temporary excavators for ten years

last year, Xu Yuewen bought another temporary e660f excavator, which is a product that Shandong temporary has studied intensively and comprehensively upgraded. It is energy-saving, reliable and comfortable, with flexible operation and low noise, and is widely applicable to farmland construction, urban reconstruction and other working conditions

this makes Xu Yuewen's excavator business even stronger

after more than ten years of excavator operation, Xu Yuewen bought a house and a car in the city, married a beautiful wife and had two lovely daughters. Speaking of these, Xu Yuewen's face is filled with happiness. He said that it was the temporary excavator that made him have a better life today. He hoped that Shandong temporary excavator would continue to provide users with more and better products and carry out more public welfare activities such as good drivers, so that these old drivers could have opportunities to learn and train in standardized operation

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