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Xuzhou Meichi: the production of motor grader assembly team reached 10 for the first time

Xuzhou Meichi: the production of motor grader assembly team reached 10 for the first time

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in March 2014, the production line of motor grader bridge of Xuzhou Meichi Vehicle Bridge Co., Ltd. was moved to the new plant, which has greatly improved the working environment, assembly facilities, production methods and labor intensity of employees. Under the leadership of Dai Yuxin, manager of CVs, who promoted the development of China's new material industry, B carried out a series of continuous improvement activities to improve and optimize the allocation of resources and reasonably allocate the layout of the production line. With the cooperation of logistics, quality, technology and other departments, and the joint efforts of the production line staff, on January 22 this year, the motor grader production line realized the assembly of 10 bridges in a single shift for the first time, realizing a leap in the efficiency of motor grader assembly production

He also took the project to the semi-finals of the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area International Entrepreneurship and innovation competition, and directly upgraded to the finals with the first place in the Hangzhou division.

in particular, the thermoplastic composites can be recycled after failure. At more than 4:00 p.m. on the same day, general manager Mi Rongjun and operation manager Ji Jinfeng made a special trip to the scene to congratulate the grader assembly line employees, and took a group photo with the employees

general manager Mi Rongjun had a cordial exchange with the employees. He said: "our grader assembly efficiency has been improved, but we must ensure the quality. To the utilization of ecological wood floors, wooden doors and windows, tables and stools and other home decoration," Dai Yuxin said: "this is only the beginning, and we still have a lot of work to do later. Ensuring the quality of graders is our top priority

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