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Xuzhou replacing the city's road markings with hot-melt paint will be favored by more and more businesses. Xuzhou replacing the city's road markings with hot-melt paint will also meet the standard from the construction site of Xuzhou traffic and patrol police facility brigade on April 22, 2005. 2. It is understood that in order to further promote the implementation of the "civilized traffic project" and speed up the pace of "four cities to create together", If the traffic patrol detachment wants to catch up with the "May Day", the cost will be more than 10 yuan to replace the "new clothes" for the road markings of the whole city

at about 10 a.m. on the 21st, I met the traffic and patrol police facility brigade on Fuxing South Road in Xuzhou, re marking the road. The marking machine drove over the road, and a new and eye-catching pedestrian crossing line appeared in front of me. According to Geng Ruyi, deputy chief of the traffic and patrol police order section, in order to promote the "civilized traffic project", the traffic and patrol police detachment decided to change the road markings of 11 main roads (about 30000 square meters) in the urban area by April 23. In addition, according to the relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law, the road markings that have not been planned and have been worn out on all main and secondary roads in the urban area will be redrawn before the May Day holiday, so as to ensure that citizens can travel more safely in front of eye-catching road markings

the road markings on 11 main roads in Xuzhou are about 300 kilometers long, which is equivalent to the distance from Xuzhou to Nanjing. In order to draw road markings scientifically and normatively, the traffic patrol detachment specially invited 7 qualified road marking construction companies from Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou and other places, with about 70 construction personnel. The raw materials used in the construction of road markings are also completely in accordance with the construction requirements of national standards. The new hot-melt coating can be maintained for 4 years. The project was started on April 17. So far, about 14000 square meters of the project from pantang Expressway to Yingbin roundabout has been completed

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