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Xuzhou new energy machinery has entered the "green era" from four aspects

Xuzhou new energy machinery has entered the "green era" from four aspects

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with the vigorous promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection by the state, the concepts of low-carbon environmental protection and green manufacturing have become the new pursuit and new normal of the equipment manufacturing industry, and Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone new energy machinery has entered the "green era" from four aspects

first, green technology. The mixed air electrostatic spraying technology is the first in the industry to replace the traditional air spraying, which reduces the emission of waste and toxic substances by 30%. At least now, the robot spraying technology is adopted on a large scale, and the coating utilization rate and product quality are greatly improved. In terms of new materials, resolutely resist the paint containing "benzene" and strictly control the content of heavy metals, especially lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium, which fully comply with the European Union RoHS standard. For sheet metal parts, the process of fully automated cathodic electrophoresis and powder spraying is implemented. The solvent content of electrophoretic coating is very low, and the powder spraying process can achieve 95% coating recycling, achieving zero air pollution and zero sewage sedimentation

second, green technology. In order to solve the problem of excessive vibration and noise of loaders, the "Research on key NVH technology of construction machinery" was carried out to push the noise research to a new height; Through the world's first opening on the lw1200k loader boom, the boom is "slimmed down" by 300 kg, directly reducing fuel consumption by 3%; The self-developed energy-saving and environment-friendly low-speed gearbox has reduced the external market feedback rate from 1.53% of the ordinary gearbox to 0.91%. Each gearbox saves at least 3500 yuan compared with similar gearboxes, saving more than 10% energy; There is also LNG new energy, which has been popularized to cranes, excavators, concrete mixers, tractors, muck trucks, graders, heavy trucks and other products

third, green treatment. As the first batch of remanufacturing pilot units in China, XCMG has built a remanufacturing whole process system from used car evaluation, vehicle disassembly, to key parts repair, product assembly, to whole machine commissioning and warehousing. By the end of 2015, 16 remanufacturing bases will be built nationwide

fourth, green marketing. Standing on the angle that the industry output value of customers has also increased to more than 30billion yuan, investigate the needs of customers, accurately master the engineering construction technology, and innovate the means of product marketing and promotion from the promotion of LNG new fuel products, the solution of efficient construction technology, and the application of products that must be inserted into the socket with protective grounding power supply for complete set construction. While doing a good job of after-sales service, we should pay special attention to creating value for customers in the service link. While carrying out maintenance, we should carry out operation training for users, so as to improve the use efficiency of products and improve the benefits of customers. The parts removed in the maintenance process shall be recycled and remanufactured to reduce the consumption of resources and improve the utilization rate of resources

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