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Dynamics of acetic acid/acetate Market in East China

the role of spring suspension device is more important because there is no imported goods in East China, and the shortage is obvious. According to the acetic acid market, the filling success rate of glass ionomer group is 88.7%. There is no mainstream quotation this morning. It is said that there is a transaction of 6600 yuan/ton in Jiangyin area. In view of the opening on Monday, traders' quotations are full of exploratory. The downstream customers are not able to take over the offer as a whole, and have not actively followed up

the manufacturer of butyl acetate in Jiangyin region offered 10200 yuan/ton for canning out. The mainstream quotation in the market was RMB yuan/ton for canning out and 10300 yuan/ton for delivery. The market is relatively stable

the market of ethyl acetate is relatively strong. The mainstream quotation is RMB yuan/ton. It will be delivered out of the tank and about 8200 yuan/ton. Last week, it increased by about 200 yuan/ton. It is expected that this trend will continue this week, rising by yuan/ton

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