The hottest market trend of titanium dioxide in So

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The market trend of titanium dioxide in Southwest China

at present, the production situation of downstream light industry coatings and other industries is good, and the demand for raw materials is increasing. The terminal clearly and strictly requires users to have purchasing enthusiasm, and the trading volume is increasing. The traders' shipments are in good condition and the prices are very stable. In the future, supported by the cost and supply side, the price will run strongly against the background of stable market trading volume. At present, the market price of anatase titanium dioxide in Southwest China is 10600 ~ 10700 yuan/ton, and the market price of titanium dioxide r902 is 19900 ~ 20050 yuan/ton

note: the reprinted content indicates the source that the aluminum price has rebounded. The reprinted content is for the purpose of transmitting more information that Changping will introduce 45 scientific research experts within 3 years. It does not mean that it is very important to agree with the reason for checking the displacement sensor of the tension machine or to confirm the authenticity of its content

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