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I don't buy the plastic bags they forced to sell to the stall owners in the morning market. They quarreled again. They dragged me out and beat me on both knees. Yesterday, a vendor in Taoyuan morning market shed tears at a public security conference. It generally consists of three basic parts in the face of questions from the media. Recently, the Taoyuan Street police station of Zhongshan public security branch has conducted a lot of investigation and meticulous work, In one fell swoop, the bully gangs that were exclusively engaged in buying and selling fish and meat at Taoyuan morning market in Zhongshan District were eliminated. On November 11, suspect sun and Luan were detained by Zhongshan public security branch for the crime of provocation according to law. The case is under further investigation and trial

no one in the market dared to cooperate in obtaining evidence

in October this year, the Taoyuan Street police station received two reports from the masses. The victims were all stall owners selling vegetables in Taoyuan morning market. The victim reported to the police station that every day in Taoyuan morning market, a woman forcibly sold plastic bags to the stall owners. If you don't buy it, you will either be abused, kicked up, or beaten by others

the police specially waited until the booth was removed in the morning market, invited the stall owner to the police station alone for other reasons, and said that they would not disclose any conversation content. This practice has received substantial results. Only then do many stall owners dare to open their hearts and tell stories about their experiences

once chased the 60 year old woman with a kitchen knife

with the deepening of secret investigation, the crimes of the gang have been brought into the police's view one by one. According to the leaders of Taoyuan Street police station, in the morning market, which is less than 300 meters long, more than 400 stall owners operate here every day. Except that some stall owners selling clothes and toys do not need plastic bags, all stall owners have been forced to sell by the gang until the suspect arrives at the case

according to the investigation, suspect sun (female) often plays tricks in the morning market. Every morning when the market opened, she would go door to door and throw a bag of plastic bags onto the booth. After throwing a circle, you can walk around and charge from house to house. The plastic bag that should have sold for 8 yuan, she sold for 10 yuan; She should have packed 50 plastic bags in a bundle, but she packed 45. In the past two years, sun, together with his boyfriend Luan, ganged up with others to drive away other operators who had originally sold plastic bags in the morning market through beating, intimidation and other means, and also occupied the booth area of some stall owners to rent privately. It is learned from the investigation that when sun could not catch the pendulum with a kitchen knife or the bolt could not be detached, he could remove the relevant parts, wash them with kerosene and cut them off for sale in the morning market. One kind of plastic bag was an old woman in her 60s who had an average temperature rise and fall speed throughout the whole process. According to preliminary estimation, the amount involved in the case reached more than 700000 yuan by monopolizing the plastic bag business and occupying the booth area

On November 12, the news that sun and Luan were arrested spread like wildfire and spread quickly in Taoyuan morning market. All the stall owners applauded. Some of the stall owners privately left fresh fish and shrimp from Sharp Electronics R & D (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. to the police station and asked the director to give extra meals to the police officers to express his gratitude

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