The hottest market situation in China

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Market situation all over the country Yanshan Petrochemical: the domestic polypropylene market price continues to decline, and the bottom of the drawing material price has appeared at yuan/ton. It is estimated that it is unlikely to make a significant downward adjustment than this price before the end of the year. The market price of copolymer is yuan/ton, the price of membrane material is about 5000 yuan/ton, the price of fiber material exceeds 5000 yuan/ton, and the lowest falls to 4800 yuan/ton. The prices offered by polypropylene manufacturers in Asia keep rising slightly, but the domestic market demand will not improve at the beginning of next year and around the Spring Festival. Therefore, it is estimated that importers will try their best to keep prices down

Wuhan Phoenix: the market is stable and the inventory is normal

Inner Mongolia Hulian: average sales, no improvement in the market and no inventory

Cangzhou Shihua: the inventory is small and the price is relatively stable

Qilu acrylonitrile: the continuous increase of high value-added products and intensive processing products provides strong support. The market is general, and the price drops

Tianjin Erhua: the market and sales are not good

Mudanjiang refinery: poor market and sales

Jihua Jinjiang: the market is poor and the sales are average

Yan'an refinery: general market and general sales

Luoyang Hongli: the market is not very good, and the production and sales are balanced

Yumen refinery 4) the analysis value of the finite element method is in good agreement with the measured value. The factory: the market is poor, and the sales volume is general

Ningxia refinery: the market is not good and the sales volume is not good

encyclopedia Petrochemical: the market is bad and the price is declining

Zhenhai Refinery: the polypropylene market still maintained a downward trend, and the lowest price of surrounding manufacturers was 4400 yuan/ton, which affected the poor delivery of our company

Yueyang Petrochemical: the market is OK, and the sales is OK

Yanbian refinery: no production

Anqing Petrochemical: production has been stopped

Qilu Petrochemical: continue to produce film materials and inject plastics, with normal sales. After the factory price was lowered, the market became stable. It is estimated that the market will still fluctuate slightly in the near future

Dushanzi Petrochemical: the polypropylene unit produces T30S, the production is normal, and the market remains depressed

Xinjiang Xinfeng: the market is poor and the sales are average

Maoming Petrochemical: Polypropylene inventory was high this week, sales were poor, and the high-pressure and linear markets were relatively stable

Tianjin United: the market is not good and the sales volume is not good

Panjin Ethylene: p340 is now produced, but the sales are poor, and the price has fallen further

it ensures that the dimensional accuracy of the car body fully meets the requirements of customers. Liaoyang Petrochemical: the market is average, the sales volume is average, and there is no inventory

LAN Gang Petrochemical: the market is average, and the sales volume is average. The following is an introduction

Jinan refinery: the market is flat and there is no inventory

Yangzi Petrochemical: the market is OK, and the sales volume is a little better than last week

Jiujiang Petrochemical: the market is average and there is no inventory

Hunan Changsheng: the market is poor and the sales volume is average

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