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Market survey: import, export and consumption status of production waste paper recycling market and forecast to 2025

waste paper recycling market according to customer demand, supply and demand status, competitive market situation and industry policy analysis report. The waste paper recycling market report covers all the details related to the industry, such as technology development, growth opportunities, market growth threats, innovation strategies and future market trends

scope of waste paper recycling market report:

this report studies the waste paper recycling market. Waste paper recycling is a process in which waste paper is mixed with water and chemicals to decompose it. Then, the mixture is chopped and heated to further decompose it into cellulose bundles called pulp or slurry. Any glue or plastic that may still be in the mixture is then removed by straining through the sieve. Finally, it is cleaned, deinked, bleached, mixed with water, and then made into new recycled paper

waste paper recycling is mainly divided into the following types: old corrugated board (OCC), old newspapers (ONP), magazines, white office paper, and mixed paper. OCC is the most widely used type, accounting for about half of the global market

in the past few years, the Asia Pacific region has been the major consumer of waste paper recycling in the world, and will maintain the same position in the next few years. The market share of the Asia Pacific region is 64%, and China only accounts for about 37% of the global market. China is the world's largest consumer market

when the market concentration is dispersed and the distance from its head is equal to or less than twice the diameter. However, for regional markets such as China and the United States, the top 20 players can occupy more than 40% of the local regional market. The main participants in the global market include waste management, international paper, DS Smith, an increase of 12.7324 million tons compared with 2014, Huanjia group, northern international, etc.

by 2025, the global waste paper recycling market will increase from 417million US dollars in 2018 to 526million US dollars, with a CAGR of 2.9% in the forecast period. In this study, 2018 is regarded as the base year, and the period from 2019 to 2025 is regarded as the prediction period for estimating the market size of waste paper recycling according to the statistical model of the International Copper Association

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