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The market trend of coating raw materials in Southwest China (210.1.12)

with the ringing of the New Year bell, many domestic and foreign coating raw materials enterprises began to raise prices for their products. When people were still worried about the absorption and bearing capacity of the downstream market, the market trend of coating raw materials remained strong and high. Since the middle of January, The prices of some coating raw materials are still rising strongly, giving priority to connectivity and large project cooperation. However, the prices of some raw materials have begun to stabilize and decline slightly. Looking at the coating raw material market in Southwest China, the overall environmental trend is still improving

the market supply is tight and the price rises strongly. The market trend of Southwest pure benzene is very strong. Due to insufficient supply, pure benzene manufacturers continue to raise their quotations, stimulating the market buying mentality. Traders look at the high market, and the prices continue to rise; The toluene and xylene markets rose simultaneously, mainly driven by the increase in manufacturers' quotations. The downstream factories are not fully started, and they are very cautious. The traders do not have much inventory. It is important to see the higher prices in the later stage. At present, the market quotation of Southwest pure benzene is yuan/ton, that of toluene is yuan/ton, and that of xylene is yuan/ton

phthalic anhydride: the market performance is strong, and the price soars sharply, resulting in the imbalance between the total production capacity of some fields and the market, which needs help to solve the above problems. Due to the rising price of raw materials, the cost of phthalic anhydride has increased significantly. The manufacturer has transferred the cost pressure by raising the price. The traders' inventory is limited and the intention to ship goods is reduced. Looking at the high future market, the quotation has risen sharply. In the future, although the market volume is small, the price of phthalic anhydride will still rise due to the higher upstream raw materials. At present, the market quotation of Southwest phthalic anhydride is yuan/ton

methanol: the market is relatively stable and the price fluctuates slightly. The start-up of the local methanol plant has been improved, and the normal production load of the 350000 T/a methanol plant in Chongqing has been restored. At present, the manufacturer is replenishing the inventory, and after ensuring the self-use of the downstream products of the plant, there is little export sales. Sichuan Jiangyou 100000 t/A and Sichuan Lutianhua 44 The 50000 T/a methanol plant of Jinan gold assay mass production testing machine is still in shutdown; The 90000 T/a Tianke unit in Yibin, Sichuan Province recently stopped for a short time due to failure. It is reported that it is expected to resume operation in the middle of the year. At present, the arrival volume of methanol cars from other places is not very large, the market supply is relatively stable, the methanol manufacturers' shipment is normal, the quotation is stable and soft, and the mainstream ex factory quotation is yuan/ton (the high-end is in Chongqing). At present, the mainstream quotation for the transportation of goods from Northwest China to Sichuan is RMB/ton

formaldehyde: the market transaction is light and the price fluctuates in a narrow range. The downstream of formaldehyde in Southwest China was under construction. Due to the successive holidays of some plate factories, the market demand was significantly weakened and the trading atmosphere was relatively light. However, the start-up of formaldehyde manufacturers is not high, and the inventory pressure is not high. The traders' sales are slow, so they remain on the sidelines for the time being. In the future, as the raw material methanol is temporarily stable and the pressure on the market supply stock is not obvious, the price of formaldehyde is mainly adjusted. At present, the market price of formaldehyde in Southwest China is 1300 ~ 1400 yuan/ton

vinyl acetate: Recently, the southwest vinyl acetate Market has been running smoothly, and the price is slightly weak. The start-up of the local vinyl acetate plant has increased, and the manufacturer needs to replenish the inventory due to the supply of some products to the raw material demand of downstream products, so the export sales are limited. Traders are on the sidelines for the time being. The quotation was slightly reduced. In the future, due to the light market demand and the gradual shrinkage of trading volume, the price of vinyl acetate will still be weak. At present, the market quotation of Southwest vinyl acetate is yuan/ton

acetic acid: Recently, the market trend of acetic acid in Southwest China is flat, and the price is stable and weakening. As the local owner wants the acetic acid plant to resume operation, the supply will gradually increase. The seller has some concerns about this. At present, the downstream operating rate is not high, the buyer's intention to receive goods is low, the confidence of traders is insufficient, and the quotation is stable and slightly weakened. In the future, although the trading atmosphere in the market is weak, the current price is close to the cost, and the acetic acid manufacturers have no incentive to reduce the price, so the space for price decline is limited. At present, the market quotation of Southwest acetic acid is yuan/ton

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