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The market share is only 6% of the world! Industrial software is monopolized by Europe and the United States. How can China break the situation?

mentioned the overall planning and development goals of made in China 2025, in addition to focusing on the ten major fields of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools, aerospace industry chain, marine engineering ships and equipment, new energy vehicles, biotechnology and medical equipment, in fact, these high-end manufacturing industries all involve an unfamiliar word called industrial software. As China moves forward from a large manufacturing country to a smart manufacturing country, its industrial manufacturing industry should not only change from big to strong, but also have the characteristics of intelligence. The close integration of high-end industrial software and manufacturing will serve as the core support to promote the development, transformation and upgrading of China's high-end manufacturing industry

what is industrial software and what is its use? What is China's share of the global industrial software market

the so-called industrial software has different concepts and essence from the application software developed on computers. According to the pre designed functions of industrial products, it can be used for logic control, automatic production and process management in combination with information technology. According to the cutting-edge data of the industrial software industry in recent years, the global market share of industrial software in 2019 has exceeded the $400billion mark, about RMB 2.8 trillion. However, the market size of China in this year has reached 172billion. If the high growth rate of about 16% in 2018 is adopted, the market size of China's industrial software will exceed 200billion this year. It can be seen that the potential of China's industrial software market still needs to be further explored

Euro 5. Positive deviation of indication of tensile testing machine; The United States started early in manufacturing high-end machinery and equipment, and also occupied a monopoly position in industrial software.

from the development history of industrial chains in various countries around the world, developed countries such as Europe and the United States not only started early in the development of machinery and equipment, but also occupied a monopoly position in all kinds of high-end industrial software. For example, EDA, an electronic design automation software developed by American Xinsi technology, is indispensable for the development and production of chips. The production information management system (MES) developed by Siemens in Germany can assist enterprises to build a workshop production control management platform. Euclid, a software developed by Matera in France, is used to build two-dimensional, three-dimensional and complex surface models. It can design various complex models such as aircraft and vehicle parts. The software covers thousands of manufacturing companies in more than 40 countries

industrial software can be generally divided into five categories and the current situation of China's industrial software field

industrial software involves a wide range of industries and fields, which can be generally divided into five categories: product development, production management, production control, collaborative integration and embedded industrial software. At present, European and American countries have firmly grasped the global market share of more than 70%. Most of the markets in the Asia Pacific region are also occupied by South Korea, which has too low recycling value in Japan, while China has only a share of nearly 6%, which is obviously not a match for a large manufacturing country. Turning to the current situation of China's industrial software, it has a complete range of categories in many fields such as vehicles, aerospace and integrated circuits, and has certain R & D capabilities in low and middle end industrial software, but it still imports high-end and important industrial software from abroad, and has formed a situation of long-term dependence on foreign software

China's early industrial software industry once flourished, but why did it lose 30 years

since the 1980s, with the development of information technology, although the interfaces of China's application banks can carry out long-distance communication, industrial industries have introduced IBM mainframe computers, apolo workstations and other equipment from abroad, and these foreign equipment have been equipped with CAD and other industrial software. For example, in the field of CAE and CAD R & D, in the early stage, the country has organized key projects such as CAD and later included it in the 863 project. It has invested heavily in the research and development of industrial software such as CAD and CAE, and has successively emerged high-quality self-use industrial software such as flying arrow of Chinese Academy of Sciences and apolans of AVIC. However, in the past three decades, with the increase of national investment in manufacturing entities, the R & D of domestic CAD and other industrial software seems to have begun to be ignored, and its commercialization road has been shelved for a time

the development of industrial manufacturing industry must go hand in hand with hardware and software, and there should be no short board at one end.

here we should emphasize again that industrial software cannot be equated with application software. Industrial software is the basis of industrial manufacturing, not the product of interconnection. It must not form an equivalent misjudgment. Industrial development must go hand in hand with hardware and software. What are the consequences of the lack of industrial software? Perhaps in the process of China's march towards a manufacturing power, high-end industrial software with short boards may become an insurmountable gap at any time. As the logical brain for the operation of machinery and equipment, once unexpected events occur, China will not be able to use the accumulated technology for research and development in a short time, which is extremely detrimental to the design, coding, packaging and other processes of enterprise production lines

the rise and breakthrough of China's industrial software we should grasp three key points

how should China's industrial software break through in the next time? Although China lags behind the western countries in the development of industrial software for the time being, we have a late developing advantage in research and development. The so-called late developing advantage is that we can directly cut into the correct research and development ideas and bypass the mistakes they have made in studying the preparation history of foreign industrial software, from fresh-keeping film (wrapping) to flexible packaging in many situations to rigid materials used in electronic products. The second is the introduction of high-end programming talents. The introduction of programming talents from the Internet and other information industries is the foundation of industrial software research and development. Finally, the birth of the industrial chain. Industrial software is essentially inseparable from the industrial hardware itself. Through the development of manufacturing industry in specific fields, the R & D of industrial software is included in the industrial chain. The commercialization of domestic industrial software is the key to its rapid rise

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