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On July 27, nine dragons multi base base paper was raised by 100 again. Why did Nine Dragons go up? While you are still pondering over this issue, he has risen several times. With a few words, let's review the recent price adjustment trend of nine dragons

on May 25, Nine Dragons Paper's Dongguan nine dragons, Taicang nine dragons, Chongqing nine dragons and other factories announced a price increase of 50/ton, involving corrugated paper and box board paper

on June 2, nine dragons' Dongguan, Taicang, Quanzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang and other bases rose again. Almost all nine dragons paper types involved, including recycled ox cards, white faced ox cards and coated ox cards, are among the price increases. The price increase is also a small increase, generally at 50/ton

on June 8, Dongguan Nine Dragons corrugated paper g remained unchanged, and the rest increased by 50/ton; Tianjin Jiulong corrugated paper price increased by 50/ton; Quanzhou Jiulong corrugated paper price increased by 50/ton; Taicang Jiulong corrugated paper quotation increased by 50/ton; Chongqing nine dragons "I haven't heard that the company will offer 50/ton corrugated paper for developing this product.

on June 13, Dongguan Nine Dragons raised the prices of nine tiles and sea tiles by 50/ton and floor tiles by 100/ton; raised the prices of white faced ox cards and coated ox cards by 50/ton; and raised the prices of recycled ox cards by 100/ton. Other bases, such as Taicang nine dragons, Tianjin nine dragons, Shenyang nine dragons, etc., also raised their prices accordingly.

on June 29, Nine Dragons Paper announced that it would start an overall price increase of 100/ton on June 29 Dragon, Hailong and Dilong Niuka increased by 100/ton. In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their efforts to open up emerging markets for extruders. The grey bottom baijianglong and earthworm are increased by 100/ton, and the rest remain unchanged

on July 3, with the help of kraft linerboard and corrugation in multiple bases of nine dragons, more experiments will require that the price of paper such as fashionable and comfortable paper for the first generation of electric vehicles be increased/ton while saving energy. Among them, the nine dragons and Hailong ox cards of Dongguan Nine Dragons increased by 200/ton, the Dilong, dizai and jiangzai ox cards increased by 150/ton, the white faced and coated ox cards increased by 100/ton, all corrugated paper increased by 150/ton, and the gray background white increased by 100/ton

on July 8, Dongguan, Taicang, Quanzhou, Tianjin and other bases raised the price/ton again. Covering nine cows, manatees, ground cows, corrugated paper, whiteboard and other paper types. The increase rate is generally/ton, and the increase rate of some paper types in some bases is as high as 250/ton

on July 20, Nine Dragons Paper announced that nine oxen, manatees, ground oxen, dizaijiang and all tiles fell by 100/ton, 250/ton, which will be implemented immediately

on July 27, nine dragons multi base base paper was raised by 100 again. From 0:00 on July 29, jiuniu and manatee in Dongguan Jiulong base rose 100/ton, diniu dizaijiang corrugated rose 50/ton, and the white surface coating was flat

before the price increase of Nine Dragons Paper, from July 24 to July 26, some small and medium-sized paper mills in Henan, Hebei and other northern provinces issued price increase letters, announcing the increase of corrugated paper, box board paper and other paper types/ton. Some paper mills also require that the advance payment and received orders are also within the range of price increase

Xinxiang Henry Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.: from July 26, 2020, the current sales price will be increased by 100/ton

Baixiang jinbaoshi new material development Co., Ltd.: from 8:00 a.m. on July 25, 2020, high tiles and box boards will be increased by 100/ton on the basis of the current sales price

Qinhuangdao jinmaoyuan Paper Co., Ltd.: from July 24, 2020, corrugated paper and bobbin paper will be increased by 100/ton on the basis of the current sales price

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