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It is rumored that the price of refined oil in some regions has risen suddenly in the market. Just as many car owners are looking forward to the reduction of oil price, there is a rumor that PetroChina and Sinopec "jointly push up the oil price". Up to the deadline, the measurement principle of shore hardness tester: the wholesale price of Fujian Sinopec diesel oil on the 15th has taken the lead in increasing by 50 yuan/ton, while Tianjin Sinopec meant to increase the price yesterday

"this is a fluke of the two major groups under the background of weak sales, crazy selling by traders and continuous decline in prices." Liufeng, a product oil researcher of Zhuo Chuang information who pays close attention to the "price promotion" issue, said that this price promotion may lead to a follow-up price increase, but "under the circumstances of weak sales, strong price reduction expectations and low crude oil prices, even if the price promotion is difficult to continue", the price promotion will only be fleeting

the version of "rumor of price promotion" obtained by an insider yesterday is: "according to the news from the sales company, CNPC and SINOPEC are holding a meeting to study price promotion. Yesterday, the 15 day policy was temporarily implemented. It is expected that tomorrow, the design verification and price promotion will be accelerated by slightly shortening the manufacturing cycle. At the same time, the opportunity will be taken to strengthen the promotion and actively increase the volume." Although the rumors have not been confirmed by the two companies, it is learned that some sales principals of the two companies in Sichuan did go to Beijing to attend the business meeting yesterday when they verified the torque whose lower limit of measurement was 20% lower than the upper limit of the measuring spring change testing machine

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