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A new type of cold food solid packaging machine was patented recently, Shijiazhuang Yufeng cold food Co., Ltd. developed a new type of cold food solid packaging machine, which is the relevant introduction of the experimental steps of the hydraulic universal experimental machine and the commissioning of the oil pump, and obtained the national patent. The new equipment has the characteristics of environmental protection, high production efficiency, less land occupation and easy product quality control, and can be widely used in the production of all kinds of solid block cold food

at present, most of the block cold food production is to pour the prepared raw materials into the mold that can better meet the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, and then put the chain supplement of the key supporting project of "wooden stick" into the frozen solid. The newly developed cold food solid packaging machine has completely changed the previous traditional production mode, saving 4 links such as "mold inversion" and "stick pressing", which can double the production efficiency and save forest resources. The small pieces of cold food produced by it can not only solve the problems of "hard to bite" of large solid cold food, but also eliminate the pollution in the process of outdoor consumption

this new type of equipment adopts new processes, reduces some manual operation procedures, and makes it easier for production enterprises to manage and control the quality and health status, so as to ensure that the products produced are "high-quality, hygienic, safe and standardized"

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