The latest corn additive enhances the hardness of

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New corn additives enhance the hardness of plastics

the Edwardian Department of corn promotion (icpb) and Battelle of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of energy have developed a new plastic additive with corn as raw material, which can ensure that plastic bottles are harder and stronger. This research helps to enhance the ability of the plastic industry to fight high oil prices and develop more environmentally friendly packaging materials. Icpb Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. selects the hydraulic universal testing machine. First of all, you should make clear what kind of material experiment the equipment is used to do. It is pointed out that the effect of this mixture in enhancing the mechanical strength of plastic bottles has been confirmed in 2014, and the preliminary cost estimate shows that the plastic produced by this technology is more competitive than petroleum based plastics, Therefore, the commercialization of this product can achieve a win-win effect for consumers and producers. (Liu Qiangqiang)

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