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A new type of continuous countercurrent intelligent control extraction equipment

Heilongjiang computing center and Harbin Shenyi Technology Co., Ltd. have recently developed a continuous countercurrent intelligent control extraction equipment for the other two types of materials with a distance from the range of utilization. It can efficiently extract effective components from various natural plants, and is widely applicable to traditional Chinese medicine, health products, food and other industries. As one of the key promotion and application technologies in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of the national traditional Chinese medicine industry, the equipment has been included in the 2003 national key national new product plan

at present, the production technology and equipment level of a considerable number of domestic traditional Chinese medicine enterprises are backward, especially in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine and the separation of medicinal liquid. The traditional extraction equipment (multi-functional extraction tank) that has been used for nearly 40 years has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises, which has low extraction efficiency, low extraction rate of active ingredients, high energy consumption, lack of advanced control means in the extraction process, and high labor intensity due to manual operation. With the gradual recognition of traditional Chinese medicine by countries all over the world, it is urgent to update and transform the backward production technology and equipment in the traditional Chinese medicine industry

for this reason, with the support and organization of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of science and technology and Harbin Science and Technology Bureau, Heilongjiang computing center and Harbin Shenyi Technology Co., Ltd. have recently developed a continuous countercurrent intelligent control extraction device. Due to the combination of automatic control technology, simulation optimization control technology and continuous countercurrent extraction technology, a major technological breakthrough has been achieved in the field of traditional Chinese medicine extraction and production

structure and principle

the design of this equipment is based on the principle of efficient continuous countercurrent leaching. The main equipment is composed of a screw feeder, a screw propelled continuous countercurrent leaching chamber (with steam heating jacket outside), a uniquely designed continuous solid-liquid separation mechanism, a continuous slag discharge mechanism and a transmission mechanism, and can be optionally equipped with advanced computer intelligent control. The equipment realizes continuous countercurrent extraction, and the process is as follows

the solid materials (traditional Chinese medicine or natural plants) to be extracted are added from the hopper on the upper part of the feeder and continuously sent to the low end of the leaching chamber by the screw feeder. The screw propeller in the leaching chamber steadily pushes the solid materials to the high end. In the process, the effective ingredients are continuously leached, and the residue is discharged by the high-end slag discharge mechanism; At the same time, the solvent enters from the high end of the leaching chamber, and the concentration of permeated solid materials increases continuously in the process of moving towards the low end. The extract is exported through the solid-liquid separation mechanism at the bottom of the leaching chamber

in the whole extraction process, the computer automatically controls the whole process, and the solid material and solvent always maintain relative motion and evenly heated, continuously updating the diffusing interface; Always maintain the ideal material liquid concentration difference (gradient); The extraction rate of active ingredients is large and the extraction speed is fast

characteristics and performance

the technical feature of this equipment is the organic combination of continuous countercurrent extraction technology and computer control and simulation technology. It adopts the innovative traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment with its own patented technology and unique design. It has the advantages of high extraction efficiency, large concentration gradient, fast leaching speed, high extraction rate of active ingredients, small liquid extraction coefficient, substantial energy saving, low temperature leaching, uniform heating, etc. It can stably realize continuous countercurrent extraction process and fully enclosed continuous production; The whole machine is small and easy to operate, which is easy to clean and maintain, and meets the requirements of GMP specifications

the equipment combines computer intelligent control and other technologies to control the extraction production process, analyze and optimize important process parameters, so that the whole extraction production process is efficient, stable, controllable and energy-saving, eliminates the instability of manual operation, and effectively improves the quality of products. Change the traditional fuzzy production into whole process data tracking and intelligent control, and replace the traditional manual operation by computer digitization and intelligent control. Computer intelligent control system mainly includes process measurement and control subsystem, soft measurement quantum system, process analysis subsystem, production management subsystem, experiment management subsystem, remote monitoring subsystem and other functional systems, which are configured according to user needs

■ the process measurement and control subsystem can realize the automatic measurement and control of process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, motor revolution, etc

■ the experiment management subsystem is specially configured for experiment and pilot test equipment, and has the functions of experiment scheme management, data processing, storage and retrieval, statistical analysis, reports, reports and so on. Various special data processing and analysis software can also be provided at the request of users

■ the soft measurement quantum system calculates the process parameters such as treatment capacity, material liquid ratio, soaking time, leaching time, and discharge coefficient

■ the process analysis subsystem can dynamically analyze the material balance, energy consumption accounting, extraction efficiency, component extraction rate, etc

■ the production management subsystem can generate the production scheme from the given process card for production operation guidance, automatic control and production process management

comparison with traditional extraction equipment

at present, domestic traditional Chinese medicine extraction production technology and equipment are backward, and traditional extraction processes are widely used, mainly including the following: decocting extraction, circulating reflux extraction, percolation extraction, countercurrent tank group extraction, etc., all of which complete the leaching in a closed unit. With the leaching process, the concentration of the leaching solution increases and the concentration of the material decreases (referring to the concentration of soluble substances in the material), The leaching rate slows down and gradually reaches a certain equilibrium state. Therefore, to maintain a certain leaching rate, the solvent must be renewed to replace the nearly saturated leaching solution. These processes also have unavoidable defects: low extraction rate and large waste of medicinal materials; Long extraction time; Large liquid discharge coefficient increases the burden of subsequent treatment and high energy consumption; The difference between batches is large; It belongs to intermittent operation with poor working conditions

compared with traditional extraction equipment, the advantages of our continuous countercurrent extraction equipment are as follows

extraction rate of active ingredients

because of the efficient continuous countercurrent extraction process, the concentration gradient is large, and the extraction rate of active ingredients is large; Using this equipment, the extraction rate of effective components can be increased by 10% - 30% (comparative experimental data analysis)

due to the use of advanced computer intelligent control, the product quality is stable, and the equipment works continuously, overcoming the disadvantages of differences between batches. It can be evenly heated and leached at low temperature to maximize the protection of thermal components from damage

processing capacity

due to the efficient continuous countercurrent extraction process, the extraction speed is fast. Treatment methods: check the load sensor and replace it if it is damaged; Continuous production after one start-up results in large processing capacity and high efficiency. It eliminates the extra time spent in the batch production process of multi-functional extraction tank, including the processing capacity of foreign-funded enterprises in China, such as feeding, preheating, medium change, slag discharge and other processes. Taking nltq-a40 equipment with a volume of 0.8m3 as an example, it can process 28T raw materials and medicinal materials (extraction time 180 min) after 10 days of operation, which is equivalent to two 6m3 multifunctional extraction tanks

energy consumption

the liquid outlet coefficient is small (generally controlled between 6 ~ 12 times), while the liquid outlet coefficient of the multi-functional extraction tank is large (generally controlled between 18 ~ 30 times), which saves the steam consumption required for the heating of the extra multiple solvent. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the concentration time and steam consumption of the subsequent process (evaporation equipment), and improve the utilization rate of evaporation equipment. When extracting the same amount and variety of traditional Chinese medicine, the extraction time required by using this equipment is significantly less than that of the multi-functional extraction tank (generally reduced by more than 50%), and the steam consumption required for solvent heating is saved. The heating temperature is automatically controlled (while the multi-functional extraction tank is generally poorly controllable), saving steam consumption. Through the analysis of the actual production and operation data, the use of this equipment can save 50% of the energy consumption of the multi-functional extraction tank on the whole

control mode

the equipment can be equipped with a computer intelligent control system. The traditional manual operation based on experience is replaced by digital and intelligent computer control, which reduces the instability of manual operation

equipment investment

generally, using this equipment to replace the extraction tank with multiple limit protection functions and overload and overcurrent protection functions with working positions will reduce the floor area and height of the workshop, reduce the investment in equipment and supporting facilities in the subsequent process, and greatly reduce the overall investment of the extraction workshop (by about 20%)


at present, the equipment has been successfully put into use in habin loctite pharmaceutical extraction branch, and one patent has been obtained, and two patents remain to be approved

according to statistics, there are 3000 Chinese patent medicine enterprises and nearly 3000 Chinese herbal pieces and health products enterprises in China. If this equipment is applied in China, it will bring great economic and social benefits to the country

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