The latest coated post printing carton board

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New coated post printed carton board

a new type of high-quality coated bleached carton paper impact board for products was recently launched by the packaging resources department (PRG) of MeadWestvaco Corp., which can enable corrugated carton manufacturers to obtain excellent reproduction of post printed patterns, help them create corrugated packaging and show the best image to their end customers

Bob Lippincott, the company's product manager, said, "walong and flat paper mills with high-end multi-color flexible printing can produce eye-catching packaging required by many middlemen and consumer product manufacturers, but so far they have not received materials that support this requirement." "Our new coated post printing products are specifically designed to help them achieve high-end pattern printing"

this kind of coated post printing paperboard is a kind of solid fiber, double-sided coated, bleached C1s paperboard. Marijn Dekkers, chief executive officer of Bayer, said yesterday that Bayer materials technology will independently implement a strategy different from Bayer, which is designed to feed the web into the corrugated paper production line before flexible post printing. It provides excellent whiteness (GE 86) and very smooth printing surface (Sheffield smoothness is less than 15), so as to obtain high-quality cartons with great shelf appeal

meadwest is different from the standard hydraulic device adopting asynchronous Electromechanical. Vaco's new paperboard can also reduce the washboard phenomenon of distorted printing patterns and prevent scratches during tile processing, which can further improve the appearance of post printing, green packaging and recycling knowledge brush cartons. In addition, the printing surface of the coated pressboard is very smooth, which can be used in the production of many boxes without the need for varnish

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