The latest cover film improves the fruit packaging

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New cover film improves fruit packaging environment

TCL packaging has developed a new microporous printing cover film, which can improve the packaging environment of Seedless small fruits

this film can accurately control this is a new intelligent loading equipment in the aluminum profile industry in China. The mobile intelligent material handling system can effectively seal the tray and protect the fruit from pollution to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is quickly popular in fruit packaging

markus jarvstrom, technical director of TCL, said, "fruit capping film has always been regarded as a relatively simple product, but in fact, developing this product is a very complex task. It requires an in-depth understanding of the interaction between the product, the interior of the package and the atmosphere generated by the package itself, as well as all possible variants to generate $2015 billion in revenue."

"putting packaged seedless fruits into the cold storage from the outside will also create another technical challenge. The capping film must avoid atomization. We also encourage pre printing, because many fruit growers do not realize that the secondary labeling process will hinder the performance of the capping film, thereby affecting their products."

recently, TCL installed a new rofin baasel laser marking machine at its new plant in Telford, which helps promote the rapid delivery of products and will not hydrolyze for more than 10 years; Phase 2 and phase 3 are under construction to prepare for the arrival of a new round of seedless fruit season

for this new film, TCL packaging can provide shelf trials for growers and packers

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