The latest clothing standard strictly stipulates t

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The new clothing standard strictly stipulates DMF in polyurethane synthetic leather. The factory has achieved daily production content in phase 1

the working meeting for reviewing the 2009 draft of industrial standards

according to the working arrangements of the National Technical Committee for standardization of plastic products and the synthetic leather special committee of China Plastics Association, several working meetings for reviewing the draft of standards were held in Kunshan from November 9 to 10, 2010

after two days of busy deliberation, a total of more than 20 representatives with relevant countries and regions to strengthen economic and trade cooperation jointly reviewed five standards, including water-based color paste for synthetic leather, safety requirements for polyurethane synthetic leather for clothing, polyurethane synthetic leather for football, PVC thin films and sheets for automobiles, and dry polyurethane film for fabrics, Representatives of the magazine "synthetic leather information" also participated in the standard review

in one of the "safety requirements for polyurethane synthetic leather for clothing" drafted by Kunshan Xiefu company, the content of DMF (n, N-dimethylformamide) in PU synthetic leather is strictly regulated

this standard has two levels. The secondary standard is limited to less than 100ppm, while the primary standard is limited to less than 30ppm. If this standard is implemented in the future, it will be a new challenge for most Pu garment tanneries to ensure the durability of roads. But it is good news for PU garment leather buyers, because the standard can provide an important reference index for their export

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