The latest cooling device of heat transfer system

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New heat transfer system cooling device

Regloplas US branch in Joseph City, Michigan, USA, was developed by a Swiss manufacturer of hot water and hot oil forming temperature controllers. Now the company also produces portable and central coolers, pump boxes, and cooling towers through cooperation with Motivair company in Amherst City, new York

normal> at present, the capacity of small package portable cooler produced by Regloplas company is in the range of 0.5~80 tons, the central system cooler can reach 150 tons, and the capacity of pump box and cooling tower can reach 300 tons. The coolers produced by the company have two forms of air cooling and water cooling, which are characterized by the use of oversized condensers, stainless steel centrifugal pumps and sealed compressors that do not prolong the running time of servo valves. Both portable and central coolers can control the temperature within 3 degrees. Portable products have an unusually large stainless steel water tank to protect the system from fluctuating loads. It is said that the central system cooler can save energy through the periodic switch of the compressor (instead of using a hot gas bypass valve) when the pump is running continuously. in "Our TORLON Pai powered battery has a specific energy of more than 300 watt hours/kg. The industrial and commercial certification work central cooler also has an additional pump and a compressor as a backup in case of emergency. The portable cooler has a microprocessor for control.

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